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Beauty to be enjoyed by everyone

Published by aimee pye — 7 years ago

The Alcazaba is a wonderful historic site, dating back to 1063.

It really is a beautiful place that can be enjoyed by all ages, and even by people who are not too interested in history like me. Still, I found it to be a very interesting place.

The structure and well-preserved ground gave it a very historical feeling, really allowing you to be taken back in time to imagine how life was like within those walls. Not only are the surroundings lovely but the view from the top is something not to be missed. Entry fees are reasonably priced but a little tip, better to go on Sunday after 2 PM so that admission is free.


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Alcazaba of Málaga, Spain

Published by Crazy Travel — 2 years ago

Alcazaba of Málaga, Spain

This place became famous due to its architecture and the history. According to the ancient details this was built between 1057 and 1063 under the supervision of Badis, King of the Berber Taifa of Granada. This is an old fortress which was built at the foot of Gibralfaro hill. The special features and the buildings of this place emphasise the Roman, Arab and Renaissance culture.


This place has been decorated by small flower gardens and numerous of ponds. It takes few hours to walk around this place. From this place, you can see a beautiful view of Malaga. You can use either elevator or walking path to go up and visit this place. My personal preference is to climb up by walk to see the elegant and the beauty of this place. This place has been well combined with nature. It is proved by the small gardens and the lots of different types of trees which have inside of this place.


To enter to this place, you should buy a ticket which does not cost that much. But if you are a citizen in Malaga or student then you must pay very little amount for the ticketwhich is something around 2 euros or less. If you go to Malaga do not forget to visit this place.

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