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Torremolinos, Spain

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Torremolinos, Spain

Published by Crazy Travel — 2 years ago

Torremolinos, Spain

This is a small city which is in the south part of Spain. Though this was a small fishing village then, now it is a tourist destination. This place is well known due to the beautiful sandy beaches, night life, dinning, shopping, amusement park and golf clubs.

In the summer, this place turns in to a playground of entertainment. We can enjoy swimming, diving, cycling, kitesurfing and windsurfing in the beach in day time. The beach known as Los Alamos which is in the east part of the beach has lot of live music and dancing events in the summer. In the beach, you can see lot sand arts and beautiful sand crafts both in the day and night. If you lucky enough you can enjoy traditional Native American music in this area at night.



There are lot of amazing bars in the centre of Calle San Miguel. You can find lot of seafoods in these places. This area is famous for “pescaíto” frito which refers for fried fish. Apart from these dishes you can find grilled and other types of sea foods.


You can find a three stars hotel or a hostel for a low price in this area during the summer. However, I would like to recommend booking in advance.

My favourite experience

My favourite part of my journey to Torremolinos is the night walks I had with friends and crazy nights we spent until the crack of dawn in the beach while having hookah. There was not any one to disturb at night while we were in the beach. So, we could enjoy as we want. Normally there are lot of people until midnight in these streets during the summer. So, it was so amazing.


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