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Benalmádena Beach

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Benalmádena Beach

Translated by Amy Stamford — 3 years ago

Original text by Alba Pilar Fernández

This summer I went on holiday to Benalmádena and one of the most popular activities for everyone who goes on holiday to the coast is going to the beach, and also walking along it in the evening. It is also great to go to one of the beach bars and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Benalmádena is a tourist town in Malaga and all of its beaches are different to those in Malaga, but they have the same temperature and weather.

Benalmádena Beach

The sand isn't that fine but the beaches aren't full of people which is good. The water is cold but even I can get in and I'm normally a coward, so it's not too bad at the end of the day.

Around the coast there are lots of beach bars and little cafés. There are also lots of medieval shops, stalls and markets. You also see lots of men making sculptures in the sand which is really impressive and takes a lot of patience, imagination, perspective and skill of maintaining them during different weather spouts. They also have to be aware of mindless people trying to ruin them which unfortunately does happen sometimes. One of my pictures is of one of these sand monuments.

Benalmádena Beach

The guy that had done it also put a motorised mini train on the sculpture and surrounded it with candles which made it even more beautiful when looking at it during the night. One final touch was a heart shape in the middle of it filled with water, and people could throw coins into it from the railings and make a wish.

Like all beaches, you are able to hire sunbeds and pedalos. The only difference between this beach and other beaches I have been to was the price. It didn't seem that expensive to me, given it was the height of the season and the fact that there was a high demand for the pedalos. It cost me 18€, a little dear yes, but it held a maximum of five people, so the price seems more affordable, and you have more time on the pedalo chilling out rather than having to pedal all by yourself.

Benalmádena Beach

I'm prefer the pool to the beach, and I like to go for a walk at night when it is cooler and you don't get so sticky and sweaty, like you do in the morning. But obviously each to their own, some people might prefer going for a walk during the day.

I rate the beaches of Benalmádena 8/10, because although I don't normally like the beaches on the Andalusian coast (I like the ones in Valencia), the ones here are quite nice. They are also quite soft and don't hurt your feet when walking on them like other beaches do.

Benalmádena Beach

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