Sala Gold Nightclub | Erasmus party Malaga
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Sala Gold Nightclub

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Translated by Mark Duggan — 4 years ago

Original text by Natalia Wiśniewska

Well... for me it's a good place to go out and party, I remember it from my Erasmus year. Sometimes, there are too many people... but that's my personal opinion. I enjoyed the themed parties and i remember one day we could learn how to Salsa dance, and other types of dancing too.

The music is also very good.

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Sala Gold, staff with lack of education

The 30th of january I was about to go in to this club with my sister and a friend, at the entrance was the doorman asking for our IDs, my sister and friend have them but I forgot to take it, so I said: I have 26 but forgot to take it and, with no manners, said that is mandattory to have my ID and he won't let me in, no matter what I say, he was really arrogant and said this in an unpleasant tone. The worst was that it was not the first time that the doorman talked to me in this way, the other night I went with a foreigner friend, she was on holidays, I was showing her Malaga so I took her to our "prestigious" club (my mom and family think this way) but taking her there made me feel dissapointed. Telling this I want to proof that there people unemployed whom really want to work and doing it being respectful. I'm okay being requested to show my ID so under age people do not go in, but I'm not agree with the lack of education and abuse of authority.

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