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  • Sala Gold Nightclub

    The 30th of january I was about to go in to this club with my sister and a friend, at the entrance was the doorman asking for our IDs, my sister and friend have them but I forgot to take it, so I said: I have 26 but forgot to take it and, with no manners, said that is...

    0 by Andreé, 3 years ago
  • Shamrock

    I fell in love with mojitos there, and I still am even two years later. An ideal place to gather and meet up with friends, to meet new people, and to have a good time during your Erasmus year. The staff are very kind and open which is very important for people arriving...

    0 by Desi, 3 years ago
  • Disco 'Sala Gold'

    Because of their behaviour, I don't want to go there anymore neither I recommend it to my lots of acquaintances. I prefer going to a less known place but with nicer people. Here you will only find bouncers' faces and bad manners. Thanks men, and remember that everything...

    0 by Desi, 4 years ago

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