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Jardín botánico - historia de Málaga

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Jardín botánico - historia de Málaga - A beautiful oasis

Published by Mia Doan-Nguyen — 5 years ago

If you want to run away from summer heat, you might be interested in discovering this Botanical - Historical Garden of Malaga, seeing hundreds kinds of trees and flowers from all over the world.

How to get there by bus?

If you do not own a car, from Malaga city center, you can take the bus number 2 and take off at its final destination. From the bus stop, keep going straight a bit following the bus direction and then take a left. You will be walking a bit along the road until you come under a bridge then you will notice a direction board. For me it was a bit confusing at the first time because we did not find the way, ending up stucking somewhere in a private residency.

Entrance ticket

I was there in May 2015 and paid around 3 euros with a student card (I can not recall the precise price but somewhat 3 euro or a bit less).

From the ticket counter you can also get a map for your journey.

What to see there?

According to the information we have researched on the website, it might take 6 hours to visit all the points mentioned in the map so they have designed some routes for you so that you can see the gardens and plants in themes. I gave up following the routes because it was so confusing and I decided to see what looked appealing on the map. You will also be told to use the wifi and Bluetooth to receive some a mobile app which helps you to get information and follow the designed routes. I did try to connect wifi as well as Bluetooth but nothing happened then...

But forget all those annoying things...

I was totally lost in an isolated world full of plants and flowers. The best thing is they have a really wide range of international plants, from bamboo trees which are very popular in Asian countries to giant cactus in deserts. There are a lot of natural water features as well such as small streams or lakes. It used to be a private property, so I wonder how can they take care of such a large garden like this.

You will feel the scene is changing whenever you move from one area to another one. At first I was in the middle of Europe seeing some fruitful lemon and orange trees then I found myself in an authentic Asian bamboo trees then suddenly I realized I was standing in front of Taj Mahal in India.

I would not able to describe all the things I have seen as I want you to discover this place by yourself. I believe that you are going to take another different path which bring you a different feeling for the place.

There is also a small coffee place next to the ticket counter. They offer cold drinks and home-made soup and the price is really reasonable.

One big plus is that they have a few bathrooms for this big place and the bathrooms are really clean.


This flower looks incredibly beautiful but I have no idea what is the name.


Bamboo trees - features from Asia.


Water lily.


"Taj Mahal" that day was filled with kids. They were doing some sketching from this wonderful view.


I was not in Malaga anymore, on my way to the Pyramid.

What to bring?

  • Water and sun cream because it will take some times to walk to the garden from the bus stop.
  • Student cards if you have one to get the discounted price.
  • Bring your camera, believe me, you will regret if you do not take any photos here.

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