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Frigiliana, a White Village in Malaga

Translated by Holly Probyn — one year ago

Original text by Arianna Viozzi

If you’re travelling through Andalusia, especially if you find yourself in Malaga, it’s worth visiting Frigiliana, a village so beautiful yet so small you can explore all of it in just one morning.

This village is a true hidden gem in the province of Malaga, only six kilometres from Nerja. In fact, after visiting it, you can go down to the lovely beaches of Nerja and lean over the Balcón de Europa.


Why is Frigiliana so peculiar?

It’s one of the White Villages of Andalusia. This is due to the fact that all of the buildings are white and decorated with flowers and plants... and the atmosphere which you can sense in the narrow streets is so unique that it feels as if you’re in a different era. You can visit it all year round, but the blue sky and the summer sunshine give it its charm. Also, its magnificent green landscapes make you lose yourself in the tranquility of nature.


You can still see traces from the past which was home to different cultures. Among those, the most prominent were Jewish, Christian and Muslim.


Where to eat?


Although it’s a small village, after walking around, going up and down the slopes and stairs, you have to stop and eat or have a glass of the local wine (which is cheap and cheerful). There are lots of options to choose from, but it’s recommended to look for one of the terraces which you can find in the little corners of the village, especially at the top, which is the oldest part in order to tapear and enjoy the views from the top.


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In Frigiliana, there are many beautiful handicraft shops.

How to get there

If you’re not travelling by car, it’s possible to get the bus which goes from Nerja every day and arrives in Frigiliana in a few minutes (it costs around €1), or you can get a taxi: the journey from Nerja to Frigiliana costs around €12.

One last piece of advice

As Nerja and Frigiliana are so close and well connected, a good idea would be to visit the two places in one day. After walking through the beautiful Frigiliana in the sunshine, why not go down to the beaches of Nerja and have a swim!


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