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  • Peñón del Cuervo

    The Peñón del Cuervo beach takes its name from the rock which is situated in the sea (which is indeed called Peñón del Cuervo), and it's about six kilometres from the centre of Malaga, just after the beach El Palo. It's a tranquil place and away from the...

    0 by Holly, 7 months ago
  • Fuengirola

    It's a city in Andalusia, situated in the province of Malaga. This town has a history based on fishing, and the market from the first conquerors of the peninsula. In terms of culture, you can visit a wide variety of places, from parks, squares and monuments, to the...

    0 by Holly, one year ago
  • Frigiliana

    If you’re travelling through Andalusia, especially if you find yourself in Malaga, it’s worth visiting Frigiliana, a village so beautiful yet so small you can explore all of it in just one morning. This village is a true hidden gem in the province of Malaga, only...

    0 by Holly, one year ago
  • Parque de la Paloma, Spain

    Parque de la Paloma, Spain This is a wonderful place where you can spend a quality time with family and friends. If you are an animal and nature lover then this is the perfect place for you. The park is located at Benalmádena and officially opened for public in 1995....

    0 by Crazy, 2 years ago
  • Malaga beach (Playa de La Malagueta)

    The thing which influenced me in my Erasmus decision was the beach. It's always the thing I like the most, buy unfortunately I don't have one ten metres away from my house. La Malagueta surprised me. Most of all because of those enormous letters which always tried to...

    0 by fiona jasmine, 2 years ago
  • Fuengirola, Spain

    Fuengirola, Spain This is a beach side city which is close to Malaga in Spain. This is one of the popular destinations on Costa del Sol. You can easily arrive there either by bus or train. Though this was a tiny fishing village in good old days, today it is very famous...

    0 by Crazy, 3 years ago
  • Alcazaba

    Alcazaba of Málaga, Spain This place became famous due to its architecture and the history. According to the ancient details this was built between 1057 and 1063 under the supervision of Badis, King of the Berber Taifa of Granada. This is an old fortress which was...

    0 by Crazy, 3 years ago
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro

    First visit When I was for the first time in the Castle of Gibralfaro I decided to go up to the summit on foot. I was totally breathless, but finally my efforts were rewarded by its views to the sea and to Málaga. Unforgettable! From there you can see everything: the...

    0 by Desi, 3 years ago
  • Fuengirola

    Great post the one you wrote man, I've only got one more thing to say... Did you say that Fuengirola is in the North of Andalusia? I'd say rather in the South; ) I'd also add at the end of the post, when you talk about the routes and so, that it is Sierra de Mijas the...

    0 by Desi, 3 years ago
  • Holy Week

    This religious festival takes place during the week before Easter Sunday and commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ. It is even more impressive for foreigners like me who have never seen it before. Even though it is a Spanish festivity, the biggest parades...

    0 by Megan, 3 years ago
  • Ronda, Málaga

    Location: On the banks of the Guadalevín River, in the province of Málaga. Population: 36, 700 inhabitants. Climate: Mediterranean, with colder winters than on the coast. Website: The city of Ronda extends over the banks of the Guadalevín, a...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Jardín botánico - historia de Málaga

    If you want to run away from summer heat, you might be interested in discovering this Botanical - Historical Garden of Malaga, seeing hundreds kinds of trees and flowers from all over the world. How to get there by bus? If you do not own a car, from Malaga city center,...

    0 by Mia , 5 years ago
  • Costa del Sol

    So last weekend we flew by the seat of our pants and headed to south to Málaga, Spain. We did not have much time for planning, but we accomplished a lot in less than 72 hours. How did we do it, you ask? I recommend a company like this one above, if you find yourself...

    0 by Spencer, 6 years ago
  • El Palo Beach (Playa de El Palo)

    Playa de El Palo's sandy beach and calming waters makes it a great beach to relax on. It is quite a small beach but still has a lot to offer, along the beach you can find small restaurants serving delicious fresh food, with drinks a reasonably cheap prices. There is a...

    0 by aimee, 8 years ago

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