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Erasmus blog Germany

  • The gastronomy of Germany

    Since 1950 cooking, eating and drinking in German households and restaurants has changed and globalized because of influences such as: Labor migration Mass tourism Increasing industrialization in the production, preservation and distribution of food However,...

    0 by Erasmusu, 2 years ago
  • What to see and do in Berchtesgaden, a Natural Park in Germany

    What to see and do in Berchtesgaden, a Natural Park in Germany Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a post about Germany, a country which I am discovering bit by bit and it couldn't have left me more amazed. Later I will describe to you why. We went on this trip at...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • -15 April 2018 a date that changed my life

    -15 April 2018 one of the most difficult and important day of my life. You probably been thinking why? because it was that day of my life when i had to leave everything behind that i had in my life to achieve everything that i didnt had in my life. Inshort words i...

    0 by Maaz, 4 years ago
  • German Christmas Markets

    Aside from Oktoberfest, the Christmas Markets are one of the best things about studying abroad in Germany! Most of them tend to start at the end of November (just before exams, not that that stopped any of us! ) and last throughout December, so you have about a month to...

    0 by Rhian, 5 years ago
  • Europe has different ways of nice life!

    Hello, my dear friends! My name is Daria Boris, I was born in Russia - Kaliningrad City. When I was 18 years old I moved out to Europe, so now, I live and study in Poland, City Gdansk. I study Biotechnology and I really like it. This topic includes information about...

    0 by Daria, 5 years ago
  • Little German Towns

    This weekend, I went on a road trip with a few friends and came across a few lovely little German towns and villages that I hadn't heard of before, but absolutely loved. I thought I'd share them with you, along with some information and a few photos! Koblenz Koblenz is...

    0 by Rhian, 5 years ago
  • Needed: German Words for a Weekend Trip

    This past week I travelled through Austria and Germany, both homes to a challenging and somewhat-rough sounding language: German.  I had tried to learn some common German phrases through the online, language-learning program, Mango, before taking this trip. It's great...

    0 by Kaelin, 5 years ago
  • Weihnachten in Deutschland

    It is Christmas time.... December is pretty cool month to be in Germany. It is not that cold, of course depending on which city you are, but I happened to live in Munich and Dresden and the temperature variations were not that big considering one is on south and the...

    0 by Maja, 5 years ago
  • Flight day. part 3. From Turkey to Germany

    The introduction Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine! This is another article about me flying back to Germany and how I got from Turkey to Germany, you know. It's a continuation of those two articles about my flight back there.  Well, as I've...

    0 by Ani, 6 years ago
  • Back to Cold Germany

    Computer Chaos So after the Goodbye Dinner and a very short night my alarm started to ring at 5:00 a.m. I didn't want to get up yet, but the excitment helped me a lot to get up. It was the day of my departure and in the evening, in only 12 or 13 hours I would be in...

    0 by Jenny, 6 years ago
  • Two Weeks before the next adventure

    Painful Goodbye After that wonderful Sunday it was already the last chance for me to wake up next to my boyfriend. It was great as always, but I couldn't forget that in a few hours I would be alone again, without knowing when we would see each other again. We had to...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • The Perfect Day - Part II

    The refreshing part of the trip After our heavy lunch in the Hofbräuhaus we didn't have to look for ice cream for a long time - the ice cream shop of Alfons Schuhbeck was at that famous square, too. Even if it was a bit more expensive than another ice cream, the...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • The Perfect Day - Part I

    It was wonderful to wake up next to my boyfriend in my bed the next morning - unfortunately it would happen only one more time because he had to leave the next day already. But I ignored that thought and enjoyed the feeling in that special moment. We stayed in bed quite...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Reunion in Germany

    Very good news The turbulent weekend with my old friends and family had helped me a lot to forget how much I missed my boyfriend after only three weeks. But after it I looked at three weeks without anything to do, there were just two birthdays and my law exam - I was...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Festival in the Hometown

    Routine comes back The week after the large party in the city and my visitor from Amiens I started to get back my routine. I did some sports in the nice weather and went to the swimming pool quite often in order to cope with the high temperatures - it stayed at 30...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Visitors in Germany - Erasmus is following you

    The first days after my arrival back to Germany were quite stressful. I had to clean up my appartment and organise all the things I had brought back from France, it was a mess! My Dad and his girlfriend had been extremely kind when they had gone to my appartment and...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Coming Home

    Emotional Problems It was hard to leave the parking of the residency and I was still crying, but I had a long journey to my hometown, so I had to. My GPS told me that I would arrive in about 8 hours, but with breaks and possible other interruptions I was sure that it...

    0 by Jenny, 7 years ago
  • Visit to Emlichheim, Germany

    Source I want to tell you about my journey to Germany which was a really long road, but full of great memories and it’s something unforgettable now that I will remember it. It happened when I visited the Netherlands and decided to go to Germany. So, Ommen _ the town...

    0 by Sal, 7 years ago

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