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Europe has different ways of nice life!

Hello, my dear friends!

My name is Daria Boris, I was born in Russia - Kaliningrad City. When I was 18 years old I moved out to Europe, so now, I live and study in Poland, City Gdansk. I study Biotechnology and I really like it.

This topic includes information about European Cities/Countries.

I would like to describe each City (where I was) - for one word.

1) My place of birth - Kaliningrad (Russia). 

*Photo is not maded by me, unfortunately

Kaliningrad - #EuropeanRussia

Europe has different ways of nice life!

2) My currentlu placed of living - Gdansk (Poland)

Photo (the view from my window)

Gdansk - #SeaPoland 

Europe has different ways of nice life!

3) Mainz - which is situated near the river Rein. So, if you want to have calm life and at the same time have great parties - you should choose Mainz! 

Photo - the symbol of Mainz.

choose-city-mainz-saturated-life-9a82b0aSo, my first meet with this interesting city was this summer - I have been living here from 1st of July - till 4 of September. I had an inrership in the Institute of Molecular Biology in the Uni Mainz. You know, I love it so much!

Photo - the Institute of Molecular Biology.


Why there is so useful place for life?

  • It's not so big city - population 209,779 citizants.
  • It's rather cheap city if we compare it with Frankfurt (as an example)
  • Very nice and outgoing people!
  • The location is the BEST: near the city of millioners and curative source - Wiesbaden (30-40 minutes by bus), near the city of business  and nightlife - Frankfurt (30 min by train), near the noble Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  (2 hours by car).

Photo - the Old Town of Mainz.choose-city-mainz-saturated-life-eff029b

Photo - beach bar .


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