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The Perfect Day - Part II

The refreshing part of the trip

After our heavy lunch in the Hofbräuhaus we didn't have to look for ice cream for a long time - the ice cream shop of Alfons Schuhbeck was at that famous square, too. Even if it was a bit more expensive than another ice cream, the variety of flavours was bigger, and the quality better. Furthermore, we didn't want to walk that far in that moment. We entered the shop and everyone of us chose two flavours; it was expensive but totally worth it. Happy about our dessert we continued our way through some small streets of Munich (I didn't even know where we were exactly, as in Nuremberg the day before) without knowing where to go next. As we were already quite tired of walking we talked about relaxing a bit in a park nearby. Unfortunately, I didn't know any parks in the city centre and the English Garden was too far away to walk, so we consulted Google Maps and found a park which was situated next to the Palace of Justice. We simply had to walk to the end of the pedestrian's zone until the "Stachus", which was about 15 minutes, and cross the street. The little park would be right at the corner. 

While I was wondering why I had never seen that park before, we finished our ice cream and went back to the pedestrian's zone. As all the shops were closed because of Sunday there wasn't a lot to see in that street. We were both thirsty, so we stopped at McDonalds to buy something to drink and went on to cross the street. We arrived at the park after 20 minutes in total and saw that there was a nice fountain in the middle of the green area. My feet were hurting, so we sat down at the fountain, put off our shoes and put our feet into the cold and refreshing water. It was a pleasure to do that! Unfortunately, it wasn't just us in that park and due to the small distance to the train station the people there weren't the "best" ones. There were two women that were trying to take pictures of each other in the middle of the fountain, where one could see a large statue of Neptun or something like that. Unfortunately, the water was also coming out from the head of the statue and one of the two women (dressed completely in white, of course) became totally wet and her clothes started to become transparent. Obviously, she didn't care because they continued taking pictures, and my boyfriend and I were shocked and laughing at the same time. But fortunately they decided to leave soon and we could start to relax a bit. We were talking about German stereotypes (and I had to convince him that not all Germans were like that) when a group of probably drunk men sat down at another corner of the fountain. They didn't look neat and had plastic bags with cheap beer with them. At the beginning they just sat down and had some (more) beer, but after some minutes they started to put their feet into the water, too. I didn't care about that, but one of them was totally drunk and he sat down in the fountain and I was a bit afraid that he would drown because it was only his nose looking out of the water.

His "friends" didn't really care, they continued drinking and took some pictures with their mobile phone. It was interesting to watch them but it also made me a bit sad, so I started to talk to my boyfriend about the day, about Munich, about plans for the evening in order to distract myself from this group of people. Fortunately it worked and we started to discuss and laugh about everything and nothing - that was the magic thing I loved so much about our relationship: no matter where and no matter when, we always found something to laugh or talk about. So we stayed there at the fountain, our feet in the fresh water and enjoyed to be together in that moment at that place. I forced myself not to think about how fast time was running and that he would have to leave the next morning already. I tried to think about the evening and the night that we would still have together, and the waking up in the morning that had been so beautiful this day. I hoped so much that our relationship would have a future that I almost started to cry right in that park, but I could hold back my feelings and force myself to be happy. Just happy and in love.

The Perfect Day - Part II

We were already about to leave because we wanted to have dinner in Ratisbon and not in Munich when the other group with the beer wanted to leave, too. As we both wanted to see how the drunk one would get out of the water (mean, I know) we decided to stay 10 more minutes and watch them. What we saw shocked us: the group left and didn't care at all about the drunk one who was still sitting/half-lying in the water! He tried to stand up several times but it didn't work out and finally he fell down and was totally under water. I thought about going there and help him when one man from the group came back and helped him out of the water. I have never seen something like that, and I was really shocked - I didn't know what I would have done if they had really left, and I didn't want to think about that anymore - I wanted to finish that wonderful day with the wonderful person next to me, not with any thoughts about drunk people in fountains. We got up, too, and went into the other direction in order to reach the underground station of the square called Stachus. From there it was a bit more complicated to reach Fröttmaning again, but as we already knew how to go by metro it wasn't a problem for us.

The Perfect Day - Part II

The last evening

We arrived in Fröttmaning and had to look for my car - something really difficult because unfortunately the Park and Rent parking house was incredibly large and we didn't remember the number of the parking where we had left the car. After a (large) while we finally found my car and I was very very happy. We got into the car and left the parking - I was incredibly tired and almost agreed to my boyfriend that he could drive, but I was a bit too afraid of my car as I knew that he was tired, too. It took us about one hour to return to Ratisbon and as we had had lunch quite late we weren't that hungry when we arrived. So we decided to return to my appartment and relax a bit before we would think about eating. We had a small nap and as the weather was still great I wanted to show him a bit around my house - there wasn't a lot to see, but the district had two wonderful parks that were perfect for promenades and I had always wished to walk there with my boyfriend. So we left the house and I showed him the park with the small lake and the ducks. It was funny to watch them and we had a lot of fun just sitting there and watching ducks and the dogs walking by with their owners. It was just a wonderful time, a moment when I wanted the time to stand still again (as almost every moment was these two days he visited me).

The Perfect Day - Part II

The Perfect Day - Part II

But after a while we continued to the second park that would be a bit less romantic but more active - it was the park where I went running from time to time. It wasn't only good for running or walking with your dog, but also for doing real sports. They had installed fitness machines where you can train with your own body weight, and also a keep-fit-trail. I have never used these things as it had either been too cold in winter, or I had had my gym contract and preferred to do it with more expensive machines. But for that evening it was perfect, we had a lot of fun - my boyfriend (who was a lot more sportive than me) showed me how to do the exercise and I tried to do it, but most of the time I failed. The keep-fit-trail exercises were simply too difficult for my body that hadn't seen a gym for 6 months in that moment. We continued that little game for a while until we were too tired and the sun had already started to set. Furthermore, we started to become hungry a bit and sat down on a bench to discuss about the dinner. There were only two possibilities: getting to the city centre again and having dinner in a restaurant, or ordering something and staying at home in bed. 

As we were incredibly tired and had already seen a lot of one city centre during the whole day, we decided to order something and stay at home. So we returned to my appartment and I checked in the internet what we could eat. We found something, I ordered it, and we started to watch a DVD while we were waiting for the food. I tried to focus on the movie, but all I could think about was that the next day at the same time I would already be alone again. The thought was unbearable, but I had to be realistic and I knew that I couldn't change anything even if I wanted so much. I got distracted a bit when the food arrived, and we had dinner together in my bed. It was almost the same evening as at Amiens some weeks before, but it was only one single day unfortunately. After dinner we finished watching the movie and fell asleep soon because it had really been an exhausting day with a lot of action and a lot of wonderful moments


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