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-15 April 2018 a date that changed my life

Published by Maaz Ashraf — 2 years ago

Blog: New Beginnings
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-15 April 2018 one of the most difficult and important day of my life. You probably been thinking why? because it was that day of my life when i had to leave everything behind that i had in my life to achieve everything that i didnt had in my life. Inshort words i wanted to learn and earn which was not possible in Pakistan but i do had a family, friends, relatives the people who cared for me still i left them to become someone whom the world could recognize oneday. It is actually very hard to live your life where there wont be any MOM who,ll be waiting for you, there wont be anyone who,ll cook for you, there wont be anybody who,ll do your laundry, there wont be any siblings who,ll tease you and  there wont be any Father who,ll guide you in your hardtimes. There will just be you and only you. You have to do everything yourself. Trust me it is not an easy thing to do to stay away from your family. But it is important to become something or to achieve greater heights in life. So i achieved greater heights for the first time in my life when i sat in the plane for the first timee on 15 April. (justkidding) the trip was really comfortable and smooth and i really enjoyed it though i was sleeping during half of the trip but yeah the hostess were good, the food was excellent everything went well. It was all dark during most of the trip but all of a sudden at 5am sun started to shine from the east and was looking directly in my eyes and that was the time i actually saw the clouds and at that moment I actually felt that i was really flying that was mesmerizing for me and then the plane started to decline and as it was declining towards the FRANKFURT airport the natural beauty, the big buildings, the roads started to get visible and that was a moment that i can never forget because there was a time when going to germany was a dream and now i was actually living that dream. there was a couple sitting beside me i asked them that wether they know about the railway station where i can go to reach my desired destination but they said nothing but german and i knew everything other than german at that moment i realized its going to be tough to survive here. The plane landed At 7:00 am and after receiving my baggage from the custom after 2 hours. I start searching for the station and learnt my first german word which was bahnhof(station). So after exploring the airport for an hour i finally found the station . Now the next task was to get the ticket so i went to the ticket counter and asked him can you speak english he said keine and then i explained him through gestures and small key words so he could understand what i was trying to say. After explaining him he just noded his head and said okay and printed a ticket to Magdeburg my desired destination and the best part is that the train was going to left the station in 3 minutes and i didnt even know where the station was i asked the person on the ticket counter he showed me the route to the train so i rushed towards the train along with 35kg extra weight of the baggage and found the train but then i didnt know in which box i should sit because i didnt understand what was written on the ticket and i randomly entered in one box and luckily found an indian guy sitting so i asked him regarding the ticket and he said you are in the right place and that was a releaf. I sat down and started chit chatting with the indian who was in his 3rd semester at Braunschweig University which was by the way the next stop as well. He knew alot about the trends and cultures about Germany. He was very polite and kind and told me the tips and tricks that one should do to survive in this environment. It was 4 hours trip so we talked for a long time regarding our countries, cricket, cultures, people etc and i didnt even realized that 3 hours passed away and we reached braunschweig and he(Rohan) had to leave from there. He guided me that the next train will come in 15 minutes on the same platform which will take you to Magdeburg. So i waited for the train while capturing the beautiful scenes around me. The train arrived on time. So i took my seat and slept through the remaining journey because i was very tired . I reached Magdeburg station at 2:00 pm. The next thing that i had to search for was the accomodation because i didnt manage to arrange one while i was in pakistan but i did contacted youth hostel when i was in pakistan so i did know that where to go but  how to go that was the question because magdeburg being a small city most of the people donot speak or prefer to speak english. So when i left the station i aw a bunch of people were sitting and eating doner  kebap they seemed like egyptian so i asked them about the address they started searching it through their google maps but they couldnt find it but yea they did told me that it is on the other side of the station. So i started  searching for the way to go to the other side of the station and finally found it. After reaching there i started looking for the hostel myself but it was really hard for me because i didnt even know how to read the sign boards and i didnt have the internet access but there was an information desk inside the station so i went back there.  A nice and polite lady was sitting there so i asked her about the hostel and then i came to know that she also didnt know english but i told her the name of the hostel and fortunately i did have the picture of it so it wasnt that worse and ahe gestures me to the destination where i wanted to go so i followed the lady's instructions and reached the street where i wanted to go and then start looking for a building named youth hostel i searched it everywhere but i couldn't find it i asked the people as well they also didnt know about it. Then i saw a building which said jugenhenden something like that  so i though i should ho inside and ask her she might help me so when i go inside and asked about the youth hostel you know wha she said ? she said sir you are standing inside the youth hostel. That was a funny as well as sigh of releaf moment for me because now i can just find a bed where i can sleep for hours so i booked a room and went directky to the room place my baggage on a side and jumped on the bed and alept for 5 to 6 hours.

That was my first day in germany i will further write about my later on experiemce in germany. If i did any mistake please guide me because this is the first time i am writing a blog so pardon me and correct me if i did something wrong Thankyou Tschuss.

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