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Two Weeks before the next adventure

Painful Goodbye

Two Weeks before the next adventure

After that wonderful Sunday it was already the last chance for me to wake up next to my boyfriend. It was great as always, but I couldn't forget that in a few hours I would be alone again, without knowing when we would see each other again. We had to get up early because my boyfriend had found a BlaBlaCar Drive from a small village next to Nuremberg until Paris in the morning, so we couldn't even enjoy the morning in my bed. He took a shower while I stayed in bed, sad and not sure what to think. I would have loved to say "no, don't go - stay here until I go to Tenerife" but I knew that he had a lot to do and had to finish his thesis by the end of the month and it had already been almost impossible for him to visit me those two days. We got both ready and started the way to Nuremberg. The drive was less frisky than the ones before because we both knew that those were the last minutes together. We arrived a bit too early, so we parked in the city centre of the small village and walked the rest of the way. When we could already see the train station that was the meeting point, I could also see a French car and knew that it was the person that would "steal" me my boyfriend for the next months. I didn't want to arrive there at all, but we didn't have a choice, so we continued our way to the train station. 

Two Weeks before the next adventure

My boyfriend said hello to the guy and asked him if it would be possible to buy a coffee quickly before the departure. He agreed and we entered the little shop. I ordered a coffee for him and when it was ready I knew that it was time to say goodbye finally. He told me that he really enjoyed the last two days and that he will come back to Germany for sure. I was incredibly happy to hear that (even if it was just something he said to comfort me) and he gave me a kiss for the last time. I really had to make an effort in order not to start crying immediately, but we left the shop and he entered the car. I waved one last time and looked into his eyes, then I turned around and went to the opposite direction back to my car. I couldn't avoid it anymore and started to cry, quiet and just for myself, but I felt incredibly alone and helpless in that moment and had to wait some time until I could return to Ratisbon. I wrote him a message via Whatsapp because I knew that he would only be able to read it when he would have arrived France, and told him how much I had enjoyed these two days. I knew that I wouldn't receive a cute answer but I didn't care - he just was like that. 

Exam Preparation

When I came home I had calmed down a bit already, because in the car I had had about one hour to think about everything and to tell myself that it wouldn't help anyone when I spent my whole time crying just because my boyfriend wasn't here anymore. So I concentrated on the wonderful moments we had spent together, but when I entered my appartment it became more difficult again. I saw the bed where we had woken up together this morning and the Arabic letters he had written down on my Whiteboard - everything reminded me of him. 

Two Weeks before the next adventure

But fortunately I had something more important to do than missing him and crying - the exam I had to write from the third semester would be the next day and I had only written the summary so far. So I made a short nap right after I had come home and took a shower. Then I sat down at my desk and opened all my documents about the Civil Right and started to prepare everything and to learn the key information. Fortunately we hadn't done a lot during the semester in that course, so there wasn't that much to learn, but as I had been to France for some months I had already forgotten almost everything and had to learn everything again. It took me some time because I had problems to stay focused and despite my nap I was quite tired because I hadn't slept a lot during the last night and we had gotten up early in the morning. After a while (and several chocolate-motivation-breaks) I had finished and thought that I had studied enough for the exam the next day. It wouldn't be difficult and I had seen the questions of the exam the semester before, so I wasn't too worried about it. I decided to drive to my Dad and his girlfriend because it was still early in the evening, and I didn't want to be alone that evening. In the meanwhile, my boyfriend had written me a message that he had arrived in Paris and was waiting for the train to Amiens. I was happy that he had arrived well, but I would have prefered to have him with me. 

The Exam and a Birthday Present

The next day I had the whole morning to repeat all the facts about my exam and after a short lunch I took the bus to the university. I arrived much too early and sat down in front of the examination room. After a while I met some study colleagues and we chatted about our experience abroad, it was half a year ago that we had met for the last time, so it was quite interesting to hear things about their life since then. We weren't a lot from my semester because either they had already passed the exam in January or they were still in their internship/semester abroad, but we were still some people talking the exam that day. The preparation had been difficult because the professor - a lawyer - doesn't respond to his emails and we didn't know if something had changed or if we had to learn something else. So all of us had learned the same things as if the exam would have been in January and we hoped that it had been the right decision. 

Two Weeks before the next adventure

The professor arrived too late, as always, and we were all a bit annoyed by that because we wanted to get home as soon as possible. Then, it took a while to distribute all the sheets and paper, but finally we could start. The exam was really easy, you just had to think a bit and look up the right paragraphs in the law code. A bit of arguing and it was done. I finished quite early and left the exam room. Because there was nobody else who had finished that early, I decided to get to the shopping centre next to the train station in order to look for a birthday present for my Mum. Her birthday was the next day and we would go to Munich (she, I and her weird boyfriend) to do some shopping and see some other things. I didn't really know what to buy for her, so after having passed by all the shops in the centre I decided to buy a voucher for the furniture store IKEA because I knew that she would need it as she was still missing things in her new appartment and had to buy stuff. Not the most original thing, but with a bottle of wine she would be happy and that was all I wanted. Furthermore, as student and after one semester in France I didn't really have a lot of money, so it had to be fine like that. Happy about my idea I returned to my appartment and relaxed for the rest of the day. I would have to get up early the next day, because we would get to Munich by train and it would stop in Ratisbon at about 9:20 am. 

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