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  • Blog

    The Bride of France

    The bride of France From Barcelona we took our bus to Paris. It was a long journey of about 14 hours but as I said in my earlier blog I was quite used to such long journeys by then. We reached France quite early in the morning. Instead of buying a daily pass, we rather...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Paris, 14 hours ago
  • Blog

    Hola Barcelona! Part II

    I slept very comfortably in the living room last night. Except that their pet cat kept coming and going, but she was cute anyway. My friend was already up. We went to the kitchen and were surprised. The couple- the owners had already left but was surprised was the...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    Hola Barcelona!

    Hola Barcelona! Our jounery with the Flixbus from Milan to Barcelona Nord lasted for some 13 hours. I think this was my 6th journey of above 10 hours in a bus. So I was quite comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the bus at night by then. Everyone make mistakes and...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 7 days ago
  • Blog

    My First Experience of Ice Skating

    Today I along with my flatmates and some other friends went to Manufaktura for ice skating. Just to mention I have earlier lived in very hot cities where these is no snow even during the winter. So I hope you can understand how big disappointment I was today. But thanks...

    0 by Saba in General, 8 days ago
  • Place


    If you like warm places with somehow a unique and antique decor inside, and most importantly if you are looking for a delicious meal costing a friendly amount of money, I would suggest visiting Pozytyvka which is located at Piotrkowska 72. The restaurant remains open...

    by Saba in Where to eat Lodz, 8 days ago
  • Blog

    12 Hours in Milan

    We reached Milan on the morning of 25th October. We had just one day to explore Milan so we were in kind of a hurry. Our first destination was the Milan Cathedral of course. Unfortunately not all of its sections were opened the day we visited, but still we could get...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Milan, 9 days ago
  • Blog

    Rome to Amalfi

    We had watched most of the famous sites of Rome on our first day. So we decided to visit Amalfi on the second day as recommended by one of our friends and we are entirely thankful to him for suggesting us this amazing place, far from the crowds of Rome. There are a...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Amalfi, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    Roaming Around Rome

    Visiting Italy was more of a dream, and I am thankful to God Who helped me realize it. But why was it a dream, there are so many other amazing places in the world. There is a story behind it and I will try to narrate it as quickly as possible because it’s perhaps not...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Rome, 12 days ago
  • Blog

    Who named me? I did!

    So I belong to this country Pakistan which is very dear to me but unfortunately, a huge population of this world is just familiar with the negative face of it. Don’t we all have a negative side, don’t we all have flaws? Well we do! And do we like being recognized...

    1 by Saba in Erasmus blog Pakistan, 13 days ago
  • Blog

    Zeal for Zurich

    Let’s start with how to find cheap accommodation in Zurich. The first and best option is CouchSurfing. Not only that you can stay for free, but you get to meet amazing people. We were lucky enough to find a guy who confirmed to host us. Now starts the most interesting...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Zurich, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    A Day in Heaven- Lungern

    I along with my friend planned a 12 day tour of 5 countries. We purchased this Interflix pass offered by the flix bus. It’s like paying 100 Euros for 5 tickets. They send you the codes which can be redeemed for 5 trips of your own choice. The only condition is that...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Switzerland, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    The Promised Land- Lodz

    I was at the bus station, handing over my luggage to the responsible person and he asked me what way my final destination. I said Lodz, he didn’t seem to understand. I repeated a few times. Then I tried Lodzkie? Still didn’t work out. I showed him my E-ticket...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Lodz, 15 days ago
  • Blog

    Pakistani Sweet Dish "Kheer"

    When people claim that Erasmus can change lives, well they are right. I was a person who simply hated cooking, perhaps I still do but sometimes I enjoy it now. Or maybe I have accepted the fact that I have to do it as I am not in one of the dormitories in Turkey anymore...

    2 by Saba in Erasmus recipes, 15 days ago
  • Blog

    Time to Explore Warsaw

    My classes were supposed to start from October, so I had 2, 3 days to explore Warsaw. I have already described in my earlier blog how well Warsaw had treated me for my journey from the bus stop to my hostel. First thing first, buy a 24 hour transport ticket. It will...

    0 by Saba in Erasmus blog Warsaw, 15 days ago
  • Blog

    Best of Budapest Part 2

    Since I explored most of the sites by walk the day before, I was feeling quite familiar with the city now. The people were very friendly sand jolly so I was in my comfort zone. Before leaving my hostel I checked the map and found out that St. Stephens Basilica was just...

    3 by Saba in Erasmus blog Budapest, 16 days ago
  • Blog

    First Day In Europe- The Best of Budapest

    No matter where I go in the world, Budapest will always hold a very special place in my heart, because it’s where my Erasmus Journey had started. It’s the first city in Europe that I landed on. I think I will never forget that date 25thSeptember, 2017. For someone...

    4 by Saba in Erasmus blog Budapest, 17 days ago
  • Blog

    All you need to know about Faculty of Management, University of Lodz

    University of Lodz is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious educational institutes of Poland and I am glad that I had put it as my top preference for my Erasmus Exchange Semester. The best thing a student can hear during the introductory session of any course is that,...

    1 by Saba in Erasmus blog UNI LODZ, 17 days ago
  • Blog

    How is it to be in Lodz, Poland when you are a Muslim wearing a head scarf?

    So basically I am a Pakistani National but I am pursuing my studies in Turkey.  Of all the destinations that I had as options for my Erasmus Exchange Semester, I found the University of Lodz the most suitable for me. But soon I started hearing stories about Polish...

    4 by Saba in Erasmus blog Lodz, 17 days ago

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