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  • For future Erasmus students going to Poland

    This post is dedicated to all the mothers, all the good friends that only want the best for us, to my grandma and my auntie, and of course to all the unfamiliar faces that, even so, have the right to weigh in on your life. These are the typical phrases we have to put up...

    0 by Lauren, 24 days ago
  • New Ideas Into Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands E-visa Never Before Revealed

    These are extremely popular so make sure to book well ahead of time. There are a couple things you definitely need to take along. When you enter the nation, it's best in case you have US dollars since they're more common and can be exchanged easily. Top Choices of Heard...

    0 by yowukuse, 8 months ago
  • How much is a beer worth in a Polish bar?

    This is a question that many people have undoubtedly asked, especially due to the importance that beer will have on their future Erasmus placements. The thing is, there are more than just a few people who have this mixture of barley, water and so many other things that...

    0 by Kate, one year ago

    This is were I started to really exist. It was like I never really occupied myself till i got to Poland. My name is Chukwunwike Kenechukwu Divine-Daniel(popularly known as Dani Millz). I am the first child of my family and the only son, I am from Nigeria (Giant of...

    0 by Kenechukwu, one year ago
  • See Poland in 5 Days

    To Poland?! This is the response I received every time I spoke about my holiday plans, followed by “and why there? ” It’s certain that Poland is a fascinating country, full of history in every corner and with a vitality that leaves nobody feeling indifferent. So,...

    0 by Lauren, one year ago
  • How to not take out money in Poland

    In the first place, it is needless to say that everything depends on which debit card you have when you go on Erasmus. And it is not the same as if you had the Caja de Ingenieros, which on this same page explain how it works and what advantages it has; or a card from...

    0 by Madison, 2 years ago
  • Christmas Eve with Polish Family

    Christmas Eve with a Polish Family The International Students Office of University of Lodz came up with this amazing idea of “Christmas with a Polish Family”. Not only to give a closer look into Polish traditions but make students far from their homes feel at home...

    0 by Saba, 2 years ago
  • Which is the best card to use in Poland?

    Source Like I was saying in my previous post, I explained why we should not take out money using cards from your usual banks (I speak of those more legendary ones such as Santander, BBVA, Caixa or Popular); we should not create a Polish bank account either. Moreover,...

    0 by Evie, 2 years ago
  • Wine experience in Poland

    Poland is a country located in central Europe between the sandy coasts of the Baltic Sea and the mountain ranges of Sudety and Karpaty. with a territory with different options to visit and many experiences to offer to each visitor. As we can understand, there are many...

    0 by Adriana, 2 years ago
  • Second time moving abroad

    After I had graduated from my upper secondary school, I yet again graved for new adventures. I had always had a thing for Poland and since my boyfriend had just moved back there, I wanted to go there too. Luckily for me a Finnish company was hiring people to work in a...

    0 by Samina, 2 years ago
  • Which cashpoints should you use in Poland?

    To end this saga about the doubts surrounding the best possible way to withdraw money (best, well, the most economical); where not to take it out and avoid paying more (well, avoid getting robbed is more like it); I'll be talking about, now you've got your Evo Banco...

    0 by Jake, 4 years ago
  • 28 reasons why you should never go to Poland

    1. Poland is really not beautiful Warsaw's business downtown Source 2. Especially not the nature Five Ponds Valley, Tatra Mountains Source 3. It has literally nothing to offer Gdansk Source 4. No breathtaking places Tatra Mountains at Sunrise, Zakopane Source 5. No...

    1 by Guillermo, 4 years ago
  • A short tour in Tczew

    I was on a short trip by 40-minute train to a nearby city of Gdansk to Tczew. My friend, Kamilo lives in Tczew with her family and I decided to travel there for a small tour around  the city on Saturday.  My first impression was about the train station. It is big and...

    11 by Khang Duy, 6 years ago
  • Poland

    If you decide to study in Poland, you will definitely enjoy its perfect location. Situated in central Europe, with the population of over 38 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member of the European Union. Its territory extends from the Baltic Sea in the...

    0 by marta, 6 years ago

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