A short tour in Tczew

I was on a short trip by 40-minute train to a nearby city of Gdansk to Tczew. My friend, Kamilo lives in Tczew with her family and I decided to travel there for a small tour around  the city on Saturday. 

My first impression was about the train station. It is big and Galeria, a popular mall in Poland, is right in front of this station. It is modern and beautiful in a cooling weather outside. 

I took the train earlier than the appointed time. I did that because I wanted some moments to experience myself in a strange place as I used to be. Then, we met and we went along the streets, bridges and parks. Our first stop was at the beautiful river, Wisła. It is beautiful because we can see the long river with the attached park on its side. Most of the trees are saying goodbye to Fall and send colorful leaves with the winds. It sounds to me like that.

It was cold, really and we reached the bridge which is not operated for vehicles any more. It is just for walking and taking photos. We saw a couple of birds in a hole of the bridge - a special place, I think.  My friend and I had some photos using cellphone here too.

I really enjoyed it. We also met and saw a camera man interviewing one man and one woman formally on a scene on the old bridge.

We left the river to the city. Near the fountain in the shopping area, everything was quiet because it was on Saturday. We can only hear the noise of pigeons playing around.  

It was lunch time and we walked to find the pizza place but I saw a Vietnameses restaurant - "Sai Gon". We discussed and we decided to have lunch in this place. We had small dishes and I met some new friends from my country here. It was nice talking to them.

When I have time in the future, I will be back in Tczew and travel more around the city. Thank you my friend very much!


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Comments (11 comments)

  • Phan Van 7 years ago

    What an interesting trip was!

  • Queenie Huynh 7 years ago

    "Most of the trees are saying goodbye to Fall and send colorful leaves with the winds." So cool!

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    You wanted to travel there just because of your friend,...And you two met each other in a very romantic place. It's very suitable for a couple. Hahaha. Be careful of falling in love with this situation.

  • Kamila Lubińska 7 years ago

    Thank you that you were to my town :) I must show you another places in Tczew :P Here are a lot of great places. really ;) Kamila

  • Trinh Huynh 7 years ago

    Thanks for your sharing! I hope I have time and enough money to come there. It's so nice!

  • Trinh Huynh 7 years ago

    Thanks for your sharing! I hope I have time and enough money and I will come there in the furture. It's so nice!

  • Huynh Phuong Nguyen 7 years ago

    it's nice experience. i want to go there sometimes

  • Trinh Nguyen 7 years ago

    I realy like your short trip by 40 minutes train. I want to come there.... (*-*)

  • Yugi BJ 7 years ago

    It's an awesome trip. I wish i had time for traveling

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    I'm sure you will be interested in his writings, won't you, (Trinh Huynh).

  • Kamila Lubińska 7 years ago

    I think that FRIENDS are the most important in live :)

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