A Short Account of Stockholm Trip


We took our bus from Oslo and in 8 hours reached our next and final destination of our Second small Euro Tour- Stockholm. The accommodation we took was quite away from the centre, and when we reached there, the snowfall was waiting for us. It was colder than all the other places I have been to. All the roads, the roofs and the cars were covered with snow. We were told by the owner that It was a yellow house consisting of three stories.

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

We soon spotted a yellow house, and then just took a short look around and we found out that there were many yellow houses around. So now you know the favourite colour of Swedish people.

Anyhow we found the right house and gave a call to the owner so he could open the door for us. Finally we were saved from the harsh weather outside at least for a while. We took small rest and then were all set to face a new adventure.

As soon as we stepped out of the Stockholm Central Station, we were welcomed by the famous Swedish Mechanical Engineer Nils Ericsonwho is known for designing and planning Swedish canals and railways. Well of course I am talking about not as him himself, but his monument which is located right in front of the entrance. You will also see Arches covered with greenery, which somehow reminded me of Christmas.

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

We then spotted a Church and decided to visit it, actually we confused it with the famous Riddarholm Church. However this Church was no less, and as it was a Sunday, there were some sermons going on inside, we however couldn’t understand anything because of the language. Later we figured out that was The Church of Saint Claire, also known as the Klara Church.

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

We continued our walk to the Island of Riddarholmen, it was no doubt beautiful, the buildings, the architecture and the few birds in sky. But it was super cold specially near the water. May be you can call it a cold hell. And we finally saw the Riddarholm Curch which is one of the oldest Churches of Stockholm, however the congregation there was dissolved long ago and now its used only for burial and commemorative purposes.

The next on our list was the Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is the old town of Stockholm and the name means exactly the same. Its history dates back to the 13th Century, once considered as Slums (after the World War 2) this town today is one of the most touristic places of Stockholm.

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip


A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

Apart from all the iconic buildings, you can find Stortorget in Gamla Stan. Stortorget is the oldest square of the city and is very famous especially for the annual Christmas Market.

We also had our breakfast plus lunch there. I ate a big Felafel wrap which was quite good. We continued our walk and then did some window shopping in an H&M store. You would find numerous of them there for obvious reasons.

A Short Account of Stockholm Trip

Well that was all from Stockholm. There are other places which you can visit but most of them are museums and well I am not so much into museums. If you go there for more days, then probably you can visit Uppsala which is not very far from Stockholm and according to some it’s more beautiful than Stockholm. Another interesting and useful fact: The Norwegian currency is generally accepted in Sweden, specially the notes, the coins however might not work.

Note: Picture of Gamla Stan taken from Visits Stockholm

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