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Erasmus blog Gdansk

  • Where to eat in Gdańsk?

    There are a lot of different restaurants in the Gdańsk that are truly worth seeing. Keep reading and you will find out which places you have to check out while visiting the center of the Gdańsk and which restaurants are the cheapest while also having amazing...

    0 by Alicja, 2 years ago
  • ThreeCity - which city you should chose to live in?

    Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot? Where should you be looking for a place to stay? The first question I am always getting from Erasmus students who are going to study in Gdańsk is in which city are they supposed to live. Because of that I have decided to write short blog about...

    0 by Alicja, 2 years ago
  • Dorm is where your heart is

    As the sound of Edith Piaf's music was running down my ears I can not help but see my fingers type frenetically on the keyboard of my intel pentium portable computer. I must say it is more like a desktop computer... if only I had a 'desk' instead of a melodically creaky...

    0 by nahom, 2 years ago
  • Seaside in Gdansk

    Hello readers, such an honor to be given the chance to spend time in this city which for many reasons will remain in my memories for a long time. I can start by telling you that it is here in Gdansk that I had my first experience of going to the seaside and see for...

    0 by nahom, 2 years ago
  • From Gdansk to Oliwski Park, the Fun at the Railway Station and the Delicious Dumplings

    I have already written a blog on how I ended up in being Gdansk for the weekend and all the places that I visited on my first day in Gdansk. So on my second day which was a Sunday in fact, I decided to go to Oliwa. It is one of the quarters of Gdansk and is bordered by...

    0 by Saba, 2 years ago
  • A Sudden Trip to Gdansk

    Travelling is more than a passion for me. It’s my way of expressing my feelings.  It’s my way of learning about my life. Whether I am happy, sad or excited, all I want is to travel. It can be the same place I have been to hundreds of time or a completely new...

    0 by Saba, 2 years ago
  • Language Workshops

    Hello! Hola! Cze??! Hallå! Hallo! ?????! Ciao! We invite you to participate in a unique cultural experience with Foreign Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, English, Japanese, German, French, Italian in our place :) Address: 83/2 Grunwaldzka Avenue, 1 floor, In...

    0 by Sussy, 9 years ago
  • Destination trip: Gdansk

    Our travel started in Castellón, after a week of goodbyes, finally came the last one, when our family and best friends came to the central train station of Castellón de la Plana to saw us off. We got on the train to Barcelona, and our Erasmus started at this moment....

    1 by Leticia, 6 years ago
  • Starting the new way of life!

    I can still remember the day that I find out my erasmus destiny, Gdansk, a northern city in Poland. I was very happy and excited when I received this good new. All the people said to me that it would be a good and unforgettable experience, but in that moment I didn't...

    3 by Leticia, 6 years ago

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