Frites Alors!

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A Delicious Restaurant Specializing in Fries, Poutine, and Burgers

Translated by Katie Streit — 3 years ago

Original text by Marion Hernandez

Frites Alors! is a restaurant chain with Quebec origins that puts a twist on a typical Belgian dish: fries. The restaurant is located in Lyon, France in the Hôtel de Ville neighborhood just off of metro lines A and C. The restaurant has a terrace that is very nice in the summer. When you enter the restaurant, you're immediately overwhelmed with the smell of delicious fries (the kitchen is located just to the right of the front door). In the main part of the restaurant the smell isn't as strong; there is a slight odor but the smell of the fries isn't particularly noticeable. The dining room looks both modern and traditional, with yellow walls and stone pillars. There is also a wooden mezzanine above (across which runs a trail of water or beer that's been spilled - yes, yes I have seen it, I promise, at least now you've been warned! ).

As for the menu, Frites Alors! serves... fries, of course! But above all, they offer a dish that I've never seen anywhere else: poutine (fries with a special sauce). There are a variety of sauces, some of them with funny names such as "The Pig" (bacon & onions), or other more classic sauces. For example, some are made with raclette cheese, some with sausage, and others with merguez. The poutine comes in three different sizes - small, medium, or large - and are made to be shared. Personally, I would recommend NOT ordering a large because it's HUGE, especially because fries + sauce + sometimes a burger fill you up a lot. And they also have good desserts! The poutine with smoked raclette cheese is really good but very filling because even a medium was too much for two people. The burgers are also very large.


On the other hand, there is a pretty good burger selection, from traditional to vegetarian and finally the "Auvergne" which has melted blue cheese inside it. Yum! The burgers are delicious and thick (they come with a toothpick in them hehe). Otherwise there are other sandwiches such as the Croque-Monsieur, which is also very tasty. You can order a salad to go with your sandwich.

The price of this mini feast is very reasonable. Normally when you order a burger, the price includes fries and a sauce of your choice (such as a traditional sauce like ketchup, mustard, mayo, curry... ), but here you can choose to order without fries (-3, 30€) and order poutine instead, which will end up costing more than the reduction I just mentioned.

NB: Frites Alors! can also be ordered as carryout, so don't be worried if you see a long line in front of the restaurant. Since the entrance is small the "Dine In" and "Carryout" lines are often a little mixed together; ). Besides, it's completely worth the wait!

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