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Published by Saiesha M — 8 years ago




At first I was under the impression that GoMex was just another chain restaurant, much like the Mexican chain Tortilla in London. However, it was only once my boyfriend and I got chatting with the very friendly chef and manger, Enrique Gomez we found out otherwise.

Recently opened in the new Confluence shopping centre in a part of Lyon that is set to become rather trendy in coming years, GoMex which is more of a café than an actual restaurant offers some fantastic and truly delicious Mexican grub should you be looking for a tasty, quick and reasonably priced meal.

The concept of GoMex is a little like Subway. First of all, you chose whether you want a burrito, three tacos, or a salad, then, you’re given rice which is then accompanied by the types of beans you like, (I must say I do love the black pinto beans). After its time to chose the meat, (pork, chicken or beef) that takes you fancy, or if you do just happen to be a vegetarian, there’s a choice of vegetables. To spice up your meal you’re offered a choice of three types of salsa my favourite being the ‘Salsa Mexicana’ which is made up of freshly cut tomato, onion, coriander a possibly some garlic. It’s the most mild out of all the salsas available and it is also the salsa with the most substance to it, as the others are mostly liquid. After the salsa it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d prefer grated cheese or sour cream. I’ve always gone for the sour cream. For a little bit more nutrition, there’s the option of adding a bit of fresh lettuce to your meal. I quite like how one is given a choice in the matter as I for one absolutely detest lettuce! Guacamole costs an extra euro, but is well worth paying for as it is truly scrumptious, always fresh, and let’s be honest, no burrito or taco would be complete without a bit of guacamole!

What I love about this set-up is the fact that you do have a little more control about what goes in your food and you’re given a wide range of choice of things you can include in your meal. It’s nice to know that everything is rather fresh too.

The portions, with all the rice, beans, meat, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce (should you go all out) are rather large, incredibly filling, but above all, exceptionally satisfying.

There’s the option to eat in, the café itself is decorated in a modern way, filled with bright colours and Latino songs making the place a pleasant place to stop and rest for a bit. Alternatively, there is the option to take the food away and eat it elsewhere. However, I prefer eating in, especially as tacos and burritos can get quite messy, especially if you are me!

The prices are reasonable and there are set menus available for example you can get a burrito, salad or and a drink for 9, 90 euros, though should you opt for beef, that’s a little extra and so too is the guacamole. Desserts are also available and so too are a variety of side orders. The tortilla chips with salsa came in quite handy when picking up everything that had fallen out of my tacos!

I love Mexican food and I’ve somewhat missed it quite a lot since moving out of London. Many of the American styled restaurants in the city offered Tex-Mex selections. There was Tortialla which was a little like GoMex not too far away in Hammersmith,  Wahacca in Westfield should I have wanted something a little more authentic and upmarket and for the truly desperate times there was the Mexican takeaway over in Wimbledon. Since being in Lyon, I have had the odd craving or two and GoMex is the perfect place to satisfy those cravings.

If you are out and about and are looking for something quick, simple, and fast to eat in the Confluence area, I would most certainly recommend GoMex to anyone especially as it provides a better, fresher, much more delicious alternative to those same old places like Subway or McDonalds.

For those of you who wouldn’t be too comfortable ordering your meal in French, Enrique Gomez who also serves the customers is fluent in English and Spanish. 

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