Le Bloc

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A very cool nightclub

Translated by Mirabelle Ibalanky — 3 years ago

Original text by Marion Hernandez

If you're looking for a nice nightclub to go with your friends, I suggest "Le Bloc". Located a few steps from Part-Dieu (metro B - various buses and trams), it's a nightclub that I found to be very cool. Typical sofas to sit, stands, bars... The usual. But the music is good for dancing .


Sometimes, they organize events, I was at a masked party, it was fun. You can see the calendar on their site.

Thursday is normally ladies night : free entry and a glass of champagne for ladies (I think it's until midnight, midnight and a half). Sometimes they even offer you chocolates ahah.

In any case, I liked the atmosphere and I found that the girl/guy ratio was more balanced compared to some other nightclubs like The Loft Club where I felt a little oppressed (very few girls).

Small tip (valid for all nightclubs): if you want to drink a lot, it's better to do it before because the drinks are expensive, even those without alcohol!

NB: coat check fee is 2 euros

There, I hope you will like the place too!

A very cool nightclub


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