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Razowki the 'Posh' Burger Place

Published by Saiesha M — 8 years ago



Specializing in burgers, manly those composed with beef, Razowski is a fine and swanky looking restaurant featured in the relatively new complex of Confluence.

On first appearances, the restaurant appears to be rather up market and the prices would somewhat suggest that as a typical burger costs around 13-15 Euros each. Though I wouldn’t particularly say that there was a huge arrange of choice or anything, apart from the meat that would justify such prices, hence why on previous occasions when looking for places to eat in Confluence I have given Razowski a miss, however, a friend who I was with had been there before and as it was one of her last few days in Lyon before heading off to Spain, I felt it best just to go with what she wanted.

She sold it to us by saying how the food was particularly good here and the portions were of huge sizes, justifying the prices shown on the menu.


I wasn’t overly pleased by the options on the menu which wasn’t particularly suited to my tastes as someone who doesn’t eat beef. There was an option of a chicken burger, though it was described to have ‘cornflakes’ in it. We presumed that these were the regular cornflakes that one might have for breakfast and were baffled as to why such things were part of the ingredients for this particular burger which was also accompanied by a curry sauce. It didn’t sound quite attractive to me, and nor did the sole burger on offer for vegetarians for it sounded rather bland with just tomatoes and mozzarella and pesto. Though, thinking about it what I went for in the end, 13 Euros worth of chicken nuggets, accompanied by a side of onion rings (included in the price) wasn’t exactly very exciting either, though I thought it was best to stick to something simple, as I’m rather a fussy eater.

For those who do not did not fancy a burger of any of the alternative mains which included about five small options including chicken nuggets and a tuna stake, there are salads available. One accompanies their order with an option from the sides menu which includes things such as hash browns, onion rings and chips. Not being overly keen on chips I opted for onion rings. I found it particularly strange ordering the ‘Nuggets de Poulet’ and the ‘Ongion Rings’ in French when they are such English items, and the French wasn’t exactly very different!

The meal size was good. There were more than enough onion rings and chicken nuggets which came with a small pot of barbecue sauce and a couple of salad leaves covered in a dressing. However, there was nothing special about the meal. It was all rather basic and there was a bit too much batter for me (though that was my own fault for having ordered what I ordered). There wasn’t much taste to anything, especially the onion rings, and over all I was a little disappointed.


The waiters were friendly enough, though I didn’t feel they were very attentive or there much at all. The food arrived quite quickly and the restaurant offered a fair service. However I was slightly perturbed by how cold it gradually became in the restaurant. It was as though someone had left a door open for the freezing temperatures to come flooding in, though as far as I could see, nothing was open at all. It was quite uncomfortable in the end.

The burgers looked quite good for what they were and were most certainly very large, though not being a particular lover of meat I wouldn’t be able to tell for sure what the burgers were like, however my friend who opted for a cheeseburger certainly seemed to enjoy hers. I’m quite a fan of Gourmet Burger Kitchen back in the United Kingdom, which offers delicious burgers for a fraction of the priced here in Razowski and there’s certainly much more choice there. Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers a more down to earth atmosphere and I felt that Razowski was rather a little pretentious for what it was, and I wasn’t overly impressed and didn't really find the food as thrilling as what it was said to be, nor did I find the prices to be justifiable. In the end, the bill wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be with my chicken nuggets and a Diet Coke costing me, 15, 50 Euros. I could have had pretty much the same meal next door in Mc Donald’s.

I also apologize for the quality of the photographs in this post as I didn't have my usual camera with me and had to make do with my phone.

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