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  • Hello Brooklyn

    What do you and Homer Simpson have in common? Don't you see? You both like doughnuts, of course! If that is the case, you'll love Hello Brooklyn. This is a tiny shop, newly opened next to Hôtel de Ville (metro A or C), close to Crock'n'roll which I've already talked...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Frites Alors!

    Frites Alors! is a restaurant chain with Quebec origins that puts a twist on a typical Belgian dish: fries. The restaurant is located in Lyon, France in the Hôtel de Ville neighborhood just off of metro lines A and C. The restaurant has a terrace that is very nice in...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Crêperie Le Cinoche

    In this creperie in the Lyon area of the Croix-Rousse (métro C), everything revolves around cinema: the restaurants name 'cinoche' ('cinema in less formal language'), the decoration and even the names of different crepes! Effectively, each crepe has a very...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Lyon's university restaurants

    One of the (numerous! ) advantages of being a student in France is that they have something they refer to as University Restaurants or RUs. Basically, they are restaurants subsidised by the government in order to offer complete menus at an affordable price. For example...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Escale a Belle Ile

    Escale A Belle-Ile Bellecour Escale A Belle-Ile is a traditional little Crepe restaurant found in the Bellecour area. I hadn’t eaten as many crepes as I felt I perhaps should have since being in France, but here I managed to stuff down to delicious traditional French...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • GoMex

    GoMex Confluence At first I was under the impression that GoMex was just another chain restaurant, much like the Mexican chain Tortilla in London. However, it was only once my boyfriend and I got chatting with the very friendly chef and manger, Enrique Gomez we found...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Little Britain

    Little Britain Shop Named after the once popular TV series starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, this little gem of a shop is perfect not only for British students but American students, who just might be in search of a little bit of home. Inside one can find an...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Razowski

    Razowski Confluence Specializing in burgers, manly those composed with beef, Razowski is a fine and swanky looking restaurant featured in the relatively new complex of Confluence. On first appearances, the restaurant appears to be rather up market and the prices would...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Vapiano

    Vapiano Confluence   Situated at the front of the brand new shopping centre in Lyon, Confluence, that opened its doors earlier this year, is a rather swanky two floor restaurant, called Vapiano. Many of the proper restaurants, (those that aren’t fast food outlets)...

    0 , 11 years ago

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