Crêperie Le Cinoche

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A super creperie with a cinematic theme!

Translated by Beth Pearson — 4 years ago

Original text by Marion Hernandez

In this creperie in the Lyon area of the Croix-Rousse (métro C), everything revolves around cinema: the restaurants name 'cinoche' ('cinema in less formal language'), the decoration and even the names of different crepes!

Effectively, each crepe has a very unconventional name since it is shown bestowing a well known film title; for example 'les Tontons flingueurs' or 'les Affranchies'. The title very often coincides as much as possible with the filling of the crepe.

Two examples: For the sweet crepes, you'll find the 'Orange Mécanique' ('A Clockwork Orange'), which quite evidently contains orange and I believe chocolate too. The Charlie et la Chocolaterie ('Charlie and the Chocolate Factory') in honour of the Tim Burton film, making the foodies salivate with its Nutella, Chantilly cream and strawberry coulis filling and it seems to me, a bit of melted white chocolate. Yum yum ♥ Basically a true crepe 'à la Wonka' in order to swim in a river of chocolate, following the example of Augustus Gloup; )

A super creperie with a cinema theme!

Frankly, there's nothing to say. The choice of crepes is extremely varied, the menu is very ample and it's even rather difficult to decide. Honestly, they are all really, really, really good. You'll see!

Regarding drinks, they also have a quite atypical choice of two beers, you won't find very often in the end. Kriek (a cherry flavoured beer) and the Pécheresse (a peach flavoured beer). They're both really nice and a bit out of the ordinary!

A super creperie with a cinema theme!

Then what's more, regarding the decoration, you eat surrounded by film posters of all genres. Next to Gabin or Dicaprio... It makes you dream, right?

A super creperie with a cinema theme!

What is also a little bit nicer and friendlier is the fact that the restaurant is scattered with books on cinema that you can flick through whilst having an aperitif: on a film or an actor in particular, However that's not all. No no! There are also games and quizzes on cinema to do among friends in order to test yourselves a bit and especially, to treat yourself to a good slice of laughter!

A super creperie with a cinema theme!

Frankly, I don't know many creperies where you can eat so well or with such a good atmosphere. Therefore, I strongly recommend this one! Just thinking about it, my mouth is watering and I'm excited to return to Lyon to be able to return there.

NB: La crêperie Le Cinoche also sometimes hosts concerts. Atmosphere guaranteed!

On the other hand, attention: it's important to know that on concert days, you can't choose the crepe you want from the entire menu. There is a much more basic, restricted selection (which, let's say is a bit of a shame, although perfectly understandable). Therefore, think about informing yourself!

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