Vieux Lyon

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Hidden Places in Lyon, France

Published by Cristina Tulawe — one year ago

Ever since I have got the opportunity to travel, I have never stopped. It all began in 2016, where I started my first backpacking travel adventures in South East Asia until South America. Visiting mostly secluded areas were the best part of my discoveries.

Never in my wildest imagination have ever crossed my mind that I will be studying in Lyon, France. Visiting Lyon, France was a sudden decision where I never really thought of visiting since we only think of “The Romantic City of Paris” every time we think of France – Oh la la, the bread, cheese and wines are just amazing! But hey, Paris isn't the only place that offers great views - the city of Lyon, France is shockingly an underrated city.

I have expected that knowing the basic French will be a necessity once I arrived in Lyon, France, and indeed, it was. People were very friendly, greeting “bonjour” to everyone – which means “good morning or hello”.

And so there I was, walking in the street of Place Carnot, Lyon looking for some interesting places that I might discover aside from the buzzing city side. After a long walk from Place Carnot, I noticed an old street towards “Vieux Lyon” which basically means “Old Lyon” – it was very beguiling that I end up walking to the hidden skirts of the alleys. There I found a street heading to the top area of Vieux Lyon, it was tough for someone who’s not wearing the right shoes for climbing. I wasn’t wearing my best clothes for it too, with my long dress and my city shoes – I wouldn’t really recommend walking a distant.

However, my curiosity paid off when I started seeing the old houses, narrow alleys made by aged bricks, and walls covered by Parthenocissus Quinquefolia plants – wow! I’ve never seen such beauty back in Asia, it’s true that Europe has its own way of showcasing its whereabouts. I was fascinated that I have to stop and just gaze out of admiration of the whole ambiance I was in. Walking afar has led me to Montée du Gourguillon street, it was a steep hill to climb but the old structure sights will mend your ascending struggle getting on top. Was it worth it at the end? Yes, it was less crowded than the usual streets of Lyon. As a matter of fact, Montée du Gourguillon street is a shorter version of how to get to Théâtres Gallo Romains and the famous Fourvière yet the most enthralling way to discover Lyon – again, the narrow streets let you discover more of the old design edifice. It was very satisfying to have experience such underestimated locations and I’m glad I did. Getting lost while walking in Lyon? Don't worry! It will be worth it.


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