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I call it a ´small Eiffel Tower of Lyon´ because of La tour Metallique

Published by swena saningwa oongo — 6 years ago

fourviere is a district situated in the city of Lyon. it stands out for four main reasons;1) because of the Catholic Basilica of Fourviere, where  a golden statue of virgin mary  was inaugurated. this statue is significant because it marked the origin of the famous 8th December Festivals of lights celebrated in Lyon. this was to thank mary for saving the city of Lyon from pests. fourviere also contains many other religious buildings including convents, monasteries and Lyon it is known as ´the hill that prays.´

2)it supports the worlds two oldest and active funicular lines

3) it is now part of the UNESCO world heritage heritage site designated for the city of Lyon.

4) the fourviere hill is la Tour metallique, which was privately built by the owners of the land to rival the Eiffel Tower in paris. it forms the highest point in Lyon and its in fact higher than the Eiffel tower at its summit, due to it being on the hill.

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