The Smoking Dog

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The Smoking Dog Pub: A Little bit of England

Published by Saiesha M — 8 years ago

The Smoking Dog

16 Rue Lainerie


Situated in the heart of Vieux Lyon, one can come across a few English and Irish Style pubs. The Smoking Dog, is of this moment, the only one I have been to. Being a little further along the road, than the others, it is likely that the pub just may be slightly less full than those that come before. However, on the few occasions that I have paid the pub a visit, it certainly comes across as an incredibly popular place, and we have had a few difficulties finding a spot to sit down.

The average price of a drink tends to be around five Euros, though as a cocktail fan I tend to go for the four Euros pina coladas, which tend to be rather strong. I believe the wine there is the cheapest option, though I myself am not a huge fan of the popular beverage here in France.

The pub itself is a rather small and narrow place. The walls are covered in old books and the area around the bar is surrounded in English football memorabilia such as tickets and various foreign currencies from people’s travels. There’s a nice atmosphere about the place, particularly at the weekends, thus it makes a nice place to go for a couple of drinks. The bar also plays a great selection of British music, so it can feel rather homely.

Should you be a sports fan, the pub has several television screens that show various Premier League matches, ruby matches and any other important sporting event going on at the time. The only problem I have is I can never find someone who is interested in going! There is also a pub quiz too which is apparently the longest running quiz in Lyon, so that could be a fun thing to do with a group of people.

The Smoking Dog offers free wifi too to all customers, though there is a bit of a form to fill out on the homepage, which can be a bit of an effort after having a couple of drinks.

I guess the only problem with the Smoking Dog, is its size as it does get very popular, so I wouldn’t recommend getting there too late should you wish to pay a visit.

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