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The Opera House

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Breathtaking inside and outside

Published by Martha S — 3 years ago

In life, there are things that you simply should not do. One of them is visiting Wien without seeing the majestic Opera House. I was lucky enough to visit Wien in Christmas time, because this city really has this great Christmas spirit that everybody is dreaming of. We were having a guided tour, which can sometimes be great, because you can hear some things, that are not listed in guidebooks.

We have started our tour very close to the Wien Opera House, and since it was the first place we have visited, I remember the most information, because my brain was still empty at the beginning. One thing, that I have remembered is, that this opera is one of the most important ones not only in Europe, but in the world.

Breathtaking inside and outside

The Wien Opera House usually hosts only a few concerts during the season, and you have to book it many months in advance. The tickets for the less famous shows can cost as little as twenty – something Euros, meanwhile the price for the famous artists' show, the minimum price is one hundred and fifty Euros.

Unfortunately, we have only seen the exteriorof the building, but it was enough to make me want to go back one day. The first thing that you will notice on the outside, is a statue of the pink rabbit. The colour really fights with the whole Opera Building, but it served us as a meeting point before our return home.

Breathtaking inside and outside

After seeing the Wien Opera House with my own eyes, I added another thing to my bucket list: listening to the opera show there. I can not even imagine how majestic is the interior. A few times a year, there is an open day at the opera, so if you are there at this time, you should definitely check it out. Our tour guide told us, that it is worth seeing, because they will present you all the rooms inside the opera, the instruments, the costumes and so on. It is a pity that the open day was not held during our visit, but I have already promised to myself to visit Wien again, and I will probably visit it in the time of Opera open days.

TIP: On its website, you can take a virtual tour of the building, but it is definitely not as good as seeing it with your own eyes.

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