German Language Cafe at Brau Bar (My Erasmus alternative)

Published by Grgo Petrov — 5 years ago

Brau Bar is one of my favourite bars that I had visited almost every week. The reason how I discovered and why I kept going there was simply because it was the spot where weekly German Language Cafe was being held.

I found out about it over MeetUp website place and was also happy that it was quiet close to me. The bar is a pretty comfortable and warm place with wood all around and there are several rooms or spaces divided fully or a bit in order to give more space for more groups. You can both drink and order something to eat which is great.


German language cafe at Brau Bar (My Erasmus alternative)

It is situated in Hernalser Gürtel 47 or simply right at the corner after zebra at U6 Alser Straße. This should be easier. You can reach it then by taking U6 and then you are there within a minute after 'aussteigen' (going down).

Or you can take the tram 43 and leave at the station under the metro.

You can find the CityBike station too! It is right near the metro. And there should be one more platform to tie your bikes. If you prefer it.

Working hours

There is some general schedule when they are open but I remember that we were able to stay a bit after 23 h on Wednesday in our room that was reserved in advance for the guests of the Language cafe. Thus this explain the plus sign below.

  • Mo. - Fr. - 15:30 - 23:00+ h.
  • Sa. - Su. - 12:30 - 23:00+ h.

They also state on their website that the reservations are advised to be made. The place is not that big after all and sometimes happens that all the tables are taken or sometimes half empty. So if you are planing to go there with friends and spend some time it might be wise to do an online reservation. Check the website for more info.

Big beer for 2, 8 €

If I got it right on Wednesday or other days too they had this special promotion or happy hour(s) when beer costed less. The small one was about 2, 2 € and the big one was 2, 8 €. If you do not give them the precise amount of money but let's say more it can happen that the waiter or waitress will keep the rest (20-50 cents) for themselves. Happened to me once. In Croatia we do not do it as students or very rarely.

Since I never ordered something else and once escaped the waiters who were hunting the newcomers (I was broke that week) I cannot tell about other things from the menu. I had just seen a few times one of the colleagues who always ordered some Wiener Schnitzel with potatoes and salad. He even gave me one of the French Fries. He is so nice.

Speaking of service, they are usually pretty fast. And you have to pay immediately after receiving your drink or food. Thus it would be better for you to prepare in advance some cash. My friends and I always forgot on it and then quickly chased the coins (cents) from our wallets.

German Language Cafe as my Erasmus alternative

The link to the event.

I attended it maybe 7-9 times in total, from the middle of November when I discovered it online and then with few breaks (worked long in the studio or finishing some project, Salsa course the same day and time) I went there every Wednesday until the day before leaving for Zagreb.

The purpose of the cafe was of course to come hang out with the people and practice German. I remember my first time there I just came in, one table was almost full with about 10 people and then started talking to everyone.

This Language Cafe was actually my favourite place to socialise as I had no chance to attend the Erasmus events due to the working hours at the studio. And I made lots of friends whom I was hanging out with even after the bar. I was sad when some people could not come often or had to stop coming and there were almost every Wednesday some new faces. I think I even saw some people attending other events for internationals so I guess it is mostly the same sort of personalities visiting these places.

The meeting would usually start at 7 p. m. and would last "until you stay" or about 11 p. m. Before 2016 I noticed not many people arrived at 7 p. m. and many started coming later around 8-9 p. m. In 2016 things changed and the table was already full at 7. 05 p. m. and I was not rarely the loser who had to go alone to the next table or with someone.

We also used to switch the seats in order to meet other people and have an opportunity to talk with them. There were people at different levels of German, in range from beginners to the pro ones. The organiser of the event was a native Austrian and except for her there would have always been 2-3 more natives who came to help the others and hang out. In the last 2 months both tables were full of people and it was really crowded.

The Language Cafe is not going to help you learn a lot of new German vocabulary, in my opinion, but rather help you train the vocabulary you have already obtained, to become faster and more accurate when expressing yourself, to get used to speaking German and hear different accents and improve hearing. You have the natives there whom you can ask for the help with grammar or simply try having a conversation with them. There should be no stress here as everyone has the same problems and faces them equally. You should become more confident with meeting the other foreigners and breaking the ice with speaking in German. I always tried to encourage the others and was happy when I got the feedback or corrections from someone else.

In the end, it will really pay off going there and help you with your German. I was always motivated to learn more. Sometimes the problem was that everyone started the conversation with the same classical questions "Hi, how are you, what's new? nothing, gut.. " but we would always find a topic to talk about. I am glad I met many wonderful friends there whom I spent great time outside the bar with and have more persons to count on during my next visit to Vienna.

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Brewhouse & Restaurant

Published by Thomina Konsta — 2 years ago

Coming in Vienna and having a great walking tour around the city , it could make you really hungry and thirsty. 

This is the place wherey tou can combine a pub essence with the austrian feels. The wood and rock that combines the walls and the furniture make the place both welcoming and cozy. One thing that blows up your mind , is the brewery inside the restaurant. The pub makes her own beer , and not only one of a kind! Here , even the largest beer gans can find specialities of beers and flavors. There is also a vending machine right by the entrance , so that anyone can have a bottled beer on the go. Brewhouse & Restaurant

But no beer , is enough without a proper meal. House flavors of tasty ribs , sauces and ravioli , is the plates I tasted , that where beyond satisfying. Mouthfull flavors , and big portions , that makes it worthy for what you are paying. 

The place makes you want to stay all day! You get eagerd to try all  the beers and all of their doshes and desserts. For me is a must taste , and one should visit asap! 

Brewhouse & Restaurant

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