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Der Wiener Deewan

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Eat as much as you want, pay as much as you want - Der Wiener Deewan

Translated by Karolina Bartkowiak — one year ago

Original text by Ola Kowalcze

Oriental food becomes more and more popular in western Europe. Looking for something special it's worth going to Pakistani restaurant, which is located nearby the center of Vienna on Liechtensteinstraße 10.

At first, the place resembles a traditional milk bar. Nothing special. We take a tray, put food on it. There is a quite big variety here - and everyone as you like is able to choose something for themselves. It wouldn't be anything weird about it, if we went to the cash desk after choosing and paid for the food. In this case, we choose the table - there're two floors at our's disposal - the ground floor and the basement. In the cellars, despite typical tables, there's a space and on it a carpet and some boards to put your dishes and cutlery. Dishes can be eaten in the traditional way, as well as more eastern way - sitting on the ground.

The replacement for bread is roti, the kitchen offers a large dose of mutton and chickpeas.

What's interesting - we don't need to worry about the price. Nobody is going to give it to us. We pay as much as we want. You can pay 2 euros as well as 10 or more. As much as it is considered appropriate. As you can easily guess - the bar is full of students.

Der Wiener Deewen is a special bar and rarely seen, distinguished by an unusual design, idea and a way to prosper.

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