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Parndorf- the shopping paradise

Published by Patricia Ioana — 4 years ago

Parndorf, a place to go and get back In the car ride to Vienna, on the highway, about 50 kilometers from the capital of austria, your eyes are attracted like a magnet for a lot of buildings in pastel colors, standing in a small town, is Parndof Designer Outlet.  Heard about this place a few years ago, in the road to Germany, I made a stop among the castles there, but being Sunday, I could not see or buy anything, everything was closed.  This time though I've gotten afternoon and we spent here, more on the run, 3-4 hours ago ... to shopping and beyond.

Parndof Designer Outlet is a commercial complex that can be perceived as a small town. Belongs to the McArthur Glen Group and belongs to an area of over 37,000 square meters you can find over 170 stores and a multitude of dining venues and coffee shops, which more or less alluring and more crowded in the area-that's where I was, even in the Christmas week.  

Shopping Centre is open from Monday till Saturday, between 19 and Saturday, 9,30 only till 6 p.m. Sunday is closed. The parking lot is large. The entire town is wonderful, being during the winter holidays, the shops were in tune with the season, everywhere lights and ornaments, a maid without blemish ... What more?? Nice!

Outlet is located on the A4 (Vienna-Budapest), on the right if you have walking direction towards Vienna, but on the highway, regardless of the meaning of work, there are special outlets for this outlet, thus being forced to evade the more as I know how.

 For those arriving from Vienna without the machine, I found on the site the appliance outlet and a way to get there, quite comfortable, although bus service (only on Fridays and Saturdays), which departs from Vienna, located across the street from the Opera House, Friday between 11.00 and 18.00 and Saturdays between 09.00 and 17.00, with a frequency of once per hour. From Vienna, Parndorf, buses run on Fridays between 12.00 and 17.00 with a frequency of once per hour and an half an hour/date between 17.00 and 19.00 and Saturday between 10.00 and 16.00 with a frequency of once per hour and an half an hour/date between 16.00 and 18.00. Round trip ticket is 8 Euro per person.  It's a delight to the eye and full of temptations which hardly you can handle!

You don't have to worry about resting places for those who no longer can withstand the marathon (here I address the remaining men with little ones on his head), are sufficient restrooms (so a marathon, these are a real must-have), and information panels are thick enough to not get lost in the immensity of the place, or to be able to reach easily and directly from the store that interests you.  Right at the entrance to the outlet, is open several years and an extremely nice hotel (with prices as), but kinda pointless. Or I don't see the rationale behind local io near an outlet, that's just not going to buy on there 2-3 days. Anyway, those interested can stay overnight at the Pannonia Tower Hotel for just  12 EUR/person/night 1,5 Euro/night/person tourist tax:(

Outlet in Parndorf is where meet all major brands at one place is spoiling their clothing products from renowned companies: Zara, Adidas, Nike, Orsey, Tommy Hilfiger, Laurent, Ralf Jones, Benneton, Mango, Zenga. Discounts are applied, as everywhere, especially to commodities from last season and vary between 30 and 70%. But shops are specialized in home accessories or cosmetic stores. To be sincere, the prices were not low as heard in the folklore of my city, you can buy clothes with 5-10 euros! I have not found anything like it! But if you go there, I'm sure you will find something tempting and empty-handed won't go away, as had happened to us!!!  After a journey through several shops, we made a stop for a coffee and an apple strudel at Café Cappuccino. Adorable!

It is a nice place very beutifully arranged, with fresh colours.

I recommend a trip of a few hours in this place, maybe one day, if you have patience to walk through all the stores, I would have, but my brother does. :)  It's a delight to the eye and full of temptations which hardly you can handle!

My opinion

For me, Parndorful is a place to avoid because yesterday in about 2 hours, I've beaten once throughout to familiarize myself with the offers that you have to "hunt" with discount stores, while the p-I Hape gave a tour of the stores where I like to get something.  

I was bothered by the fact that the only cosmetics have for example (not sell), a brand of notoriety: Chanel, that there is only one store that sells Swatch watches and:((, that many products are not displayed prices ( I've got a sliver of 10 euro, when I chose a shirt on the shelf where trona high price 19.90and paycheck I paid), that the staff of 29,90 seems bored by the Slavic hordes (these have much, much better than the last time United Romanians, for another time) and they arrange all the merchandise on the shelves, I was annoyed that it stood watching me, as if I was there to steal, not to buy something .

There are pretty much confined spaces, which have hosted shops that didn't go, but ... with showcase ads, in which we are assured that there will be opened a new shop just for us. When and if it will be so, I do not know... Last but not least, I was annoyed to see that possibilities for dining means fast-food outlet (Nordsee, Burger King), or some  sandwiches were closed, but you don't have to despair, a few dozen Miles, the home there is a truly wonderful place to eat, i.e. Paprika Csarda, but about it in another writing (that definitely deserve).


If you've never been, you're in the area, it's worth entering.  If you have never been and go/return to/from Vienna, moving your sight to the other side of the highway (possibly wind forests) and do your shopping on Mariahilfer Rhinestones or SCS.  Under any circumstances, do not make a way Romania-Parndorf, just for shopping there, any reductions in it!

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