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Cafè Sacher

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Original Sacher Cake

Published by Wiktoria Kozlowska — 4 years ago

The Hotel Sacher is a expensive place, but everyone can sit and eat in the restaurant or the cafe, which are seperated.

The cafe is beauitul, always full and in the city center or Vienna, Austria.

It is always full of people and never empty. 

But why is it such an amazing place? 

Because there the original Sacher Cake was born. Sure, you can get Sacher cake in nearly every place in Austria but the true and original Sacher cake you can only find in the cafe. The recipe is a secret and only at this cafe you can experience the chocolate dream with a little touch of marmelade. 

Truly delicious and if I ever eat a Sacher cake, then only the original one. I don't accept anything less.

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