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The Pianohouse A. Förstl

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Playing piano in Vienna (Klavierhaus, U3 Volkstheater)

Published by Grgo Petrov — 4 years ago

I've been playing the piano for more than half of my life and found myself for the first time in a situation of not being exposed to it and having no opportunity to play it for more than 2 months. So can you imagine a situation - living in Vienna, the city of music, and then forget how to play piano? Of course it sounds stupid.

So after checking online some places where people could play piano (such as cafes, restaurants, music schools etc. ) I found this place was close to me and looked nice. And it offered a rehearsal room for piano so I'd have my own peace and quiet for a specific time.

Pianohouse in Bellaria Street

And there it was. I found it accidentally while walking away from Bellaria cafe of the same named street. You can get there easily by U3 Volkstheater station or walk from Rathaus/Musemsquartier (it's all very close anyway).



This Klavierhaus A. Förstl is primarily a shop with dozens of different pianos (grand pianos, pianinons, synthisizers... ), equipment for musicians etc... It offers you to rent a piano and - what was important for me - the rehearsal room.



First time I entered the shop on Saturday (as I'm working till 18-19h Mon-Fri and everything is already closed... ) I was welcomed by one of the staff and then asked if I could just simply play piano for a few minutes since I haven't touched it for 2 months and really missed it (and I was scared to forget many compositions I used to play every day). He was very friendly and told me that I could do it despite someone else was using the rehearsal room beneath and that I could come on weekends in general to play but making a reservation first. And he showed me the room with lots of pianos and pointed into one in the middle: "There, this one should be great, give it a try. " So I sat and had 5 minutes of joy.

The rehearsal Room

On the next Saturday, I reserved my hour at the rehearsal room via email (which was also very fast and without complications) and had time to play in the basement of the building and being isolated from the sounds from above. The only problem I had was what to play or practice since I could afford myself this time only one hour.

There are two pianos in the room; the grand piano, the pianino and other equipment such as the music-stand for the music sheet and similar.


And as for the paying - you do it after you're done with using the room.

The price is 6€/per hour.

Unfortunately I didn't have time on the later weekends (and also lacked money) so I'll postpone my next rehearsal for January.

All in all, I recommend it if you're a musician who wants to enjoy playing your instrument; this is a cool place with good service.

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