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Bar Cios

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My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #6: Bar Cios

Published by Petra K. — 4 years ago

Today I am brining probably the last post of “My favourite place to eat in Salamanca” series. Not like there are not many other good bars and restaurant in the city, but these are the ones we keep going back to all the time. The fifth contestant is a small tapas par called Bar Cios.

Where can you find it in Salamanca?

It is located in the central area, on one of the streets through which Plaza Mayor can be entered, just opposite to the market of the city, on the Plaza del Mercado. If you live in Salamanca and go out a lot, you have probably passed by this place when heading to one of the clubs. The address: Plaza del Mercado, 14, 37001, Salamanca.

My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #6: Bar Cios

The place

As I have indicated before, it is a very small place – but just like most of the tapas bars in Spain. It is modern and nice but there is nothing special about it. You can decide to sit down to one of the tables or just sit next to the counter. The visitors can be from various different social circles.

My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #6: Bar Cios

The menu

Being primarily a tapas bar, the majority of selection involves many different types of tapas: croquetas, huevos rotos, empanadas, patatas bravas, etc. However, most of this food is offered in bigger proportions as well, in case you decide to sit down properly. Furthermore, you will find some salads, pastas and brochetas on the menu. The latter is basically meat served on skewer, which can be chicken, beaf or pig. We always ask for at least one brocheta and they are delicious. And the good thing is that they always come with bread and patatas bravas. Regarding their drink selection, there is, again, nothing out of the ordinary, but I know that their sangria tastes really good.

My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #6: Bar Cios

My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #6: Bar Cios

The prices

It is not an expensive place, but still, if you go there to have a proper lunch or dinner, you will probably spend a little bit more than in any other franchise. Additionally, there is the option of sitting inside of the bar or outside on the terrace and the prices change according to your choice. Last time, for example, we sat down inside and asked for a ración of croquetas, a tapa of patatas bravas and one brocheta of pig, which was approximately 10€ altogether (with the croquetas being 6€, the patats pravas 1. 10€ and the brocheta 2. 60€). Afterwards, we realized, we should have asked for two brochetas, because then by paying an extra 1. 50€, we could have eaten the same amount of potatoes, but another brocheta as well. Regarding the drinks, I don’t remember the prices, but they are usually offered at an average price.

We only discovered this place in October, however we have walked by next to it a thousands of time. But there was one occasion, when we couldn’t decide where to eat and we ended up standing in front of Bar Cios, so we just decided to give it a try. It was worth it!

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