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Barrio del Oeste

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The Finest Streetart of Salamanca

Published by Dangerous Redhead — 2 years ago

There is an awesome place in Salamanca located in the west. As the title already states you can see a lot of street art walking through the district. First I would like to tell you an interesting story how it developed to one of the most beautiful parts of Salamanca, recording to the information of a tour guide.

Story of Development

Some decades earlier this district was somehow the ghetto of Salamanca. There wasn't installed street lamps so it was really dark by night - the result was crime. So the heads of Salamanca wanted to implement an idea to make this district more popular and beautiful. At first, they began with installing light lamps but they had to do something more to make it more valuable living there: Street Art. So what they did and still do now is a competition where many artists can show their pictures - the best one is permitted to be painted on the walls in the "Barrio del oeste". By now there are a lot of really nice pictures, it's really calmative walking through the streets and you get surprised by all the different styles of art - it's like a museum (and it's free! of course).

Artwork Gallery

All in all you can walk for around 45-60 minutes in this district to have a look at all kind of artworks. I give you a selection of my favourite ones right here:





Photo gallery

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