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Catedrais de Salamanca

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Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Salamanca is a very catholic place, but it also has its paganism. The city has not only one, but two cathedrals and they're both very mystical, just like other monumenst in town like Casa de las Conchas.


The old Cathedral is more than seven hundred years old. The newest one is from the 15th century (so they're both very old).

How to visit and what to see

The two of them are connected and once you're inside one, you can visit the other. But there are two separate visits: the one that goes up the towers and the other that's inside the churches and chapels - there's also a small museum to visit.


Inside the Cathedral there are many chapels and you'll be guided by an audio guide (included in the entrance ticket) that will tell you all the details and history. But one thing that you cannot miss is the organ - the oldest working one in Europe.


Take your time taking pictures and admiring the place, it is truly amazing! It's a must see in Salamanca.


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