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The secret Garden

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The secret Garden by The River Tormes

Translated by Lauren Henriksen — one year ago

Original text by Alejandra Hernández

One trip to do from Salamanca, is to go for a walk until the end of the Otea orchard and follow the river tormes until you reach the secret garden.

When you go for the first time without anyone who knows it, it is a little bit difficult to find. However, there are usually people walking there who you can ask or there are even people who are going there, so you can join them.

This garden is the work of a retired Salamancan, who began it as a hobby, perfecting every detail. Plants, pots, steps, the house, everything makes sense. When the man died, his family and friends put up a sign so that everyone could read it. The sign contained information about the history of the garden, as well as telling you to take care of the garden, to leave it as you found it, and if not, then even better than you found it, and that you can water the plants, etc.

It is a very pretty area, and the times that we have visited, we have taken some pots to leave there. Other times we have got rid of the some of the cigarette butts. Of course, you don't have to do this, you can simply relax there. If you are lucky enough, there may even be someone next to you playing the guitar, as it is common to see a group of kids there with guitars and ukuleles.

If you do go, don't forget to leave everything as it was, nice and clean, and to not throw your leftover rubbish.

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