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The Irish Theatre

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A lot of Erasmus Parties

Published by Michelangelo Delle Vedove — 4 years ago

When I first arrived in Salamanca I of course took part in a lot of Erasmus activities as I didn´t know anyone and it seemed like a good way to meet new people and to get to know the city. As the Erasmus Team in Salamanca is working a lot with The Irish Theatre, it was certain that I would pass by there quite often as well, and yeah, I did that really really often in the very beginning. The place is usually super crowded so you always meet someone there that you met at least once. The alcohol is quite cheap and it is not that far away from other places to party; i'ts quite central. But the thing is that the place is dirty as f***! Every time someone opens the toilet door you can smell it till the entrance of the club/bar. I have seriously seen things that I can´t forget but I don´t want to repeat them here as I think I might get banned or something like that. Furthermore they have lots of Beer-Pong-Tournament and Flip-Cup-Tournament parties. Which at first sight seem quite nice, but as soon as you notice that they don´t change the cups after every game, and they don´t even really clean them, then you might question the hygiene in this club a lot. In the holidays you might think it is okay because there are just usually like 6 teams playing so 12 people in total drinking from the same cups. But during the semester I once saw 180 teams! I leave it to your imagination if it is a good idea to join these activities.

And another thing I have to mention is that the waiters are not really friendly. Like not only not friendly, they were really unfriendly and mean. Not serving you if you are not a girl. And when they serve you, they seem to make sure that you get the most disgusting beer or tinto de verano you ever had in your entire life. Please don´t drink that stuff. I am quite sure that my life span shrunk from this cat pee + vomit and water beer that I drank there.

But I am quite sure that you will go there anyway when you are here as Erasmus, so just make sure that you had enough predrinks at home.


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