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Michelangelo Delle Vedove

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Michelangelo Delle Vedove

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    In a long night through the city of Essen with my friends, we went after some drinks to the Juliusstraße because we heard that there would be several good bars for drinking cocktails and having some waterpipes. We already tried out most of the cocktail- and shisha bars...

  • Place

    Millies Cookies

    Millies cookies is, as i found out recently an english food chain, but anyway I still love it. So yeah as the name already says you can get cookies there,but they are really really good so I can just recomend this place or Ben´s Cookies in a shopping mall a bit more...

    by Michelangelo in Where to eat Oxford, 5 years ago
  • New photos in San Sebastian

    gallery updated, 5 years ago
  • Place

    The Irish Theatre

    When I first arrived in Salamanca I of course took part in a lot of Erasmus activities as I didn´t know anyone and it seemed like a good way to meet new people and to get to know the city. As the Erasmus Team in Salamanca is working a lot with The Irish Theatre, it was...

    by Michelangelo in Erasmus party Salamanca, 5 years ago
  • Blog

    Finding a place

    My stay in Cologne started of course with the acceptance letter i recieved from the Unviersität zu Köln. I wasn´t sure yet where I would study ...not even what. But in the end of my holidays on which I went on a long Interrail trip with my best friends i decided to...

    0 by Michelangelo in Erasmus blog UNI-KOELN, 5 years ago
  • New photos in Essen

    gallery updated, 5 years ago
  • Place

    Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

    The center of a city is in Salamanca, as in any other city in Spain, a big Plaza in the middle of the city. In this case it is not that different from the other Spanish cities, but it has a lot of culture. Not so long ago they had to organize huge bullfights if the...

    by Michelangelo in What to see Salamanca, 5 years ago
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    Enjoying Cupcakes I am a German student in Cologne, so I have already tried out a lot of nice places to eat in Cologne and the cities around. I have never been so amazed by a café. I don´t know how to describe it, but it is quite difficult to find the manufactory, as...

    by Michelangelo in Where to eat Cologne, 5 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Salamanca, Spain by Michelangelo

    Source Why did you choose to go to Salamanca, Spain? I chose to go to Salamanca because I heard of the quality of the University and how clear I was told that Spaniards speak speak there. After arriving here I found out that it is the Party-City of Spain, which I...

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