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Cervecería 100 Montaditos

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My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #3: 100 Montaditos

Published by Petra K. — 4 years ago

My next favourite place I’m going to be talking about is the 100 Montaditos (100 Sandwiches), a famous sandwich bar chain in Spain. It was among the very first restaurants I went to eat when I came to the country. As its name indicates, you can choose from 100 different types of sandwiches, but the place offers many other tapas and drinks as well.


Where can you find it in Salamanca?

As far as I know, there are two 100 Montaditos bars in Salamanca: one is located in one of the corners of the Plaza Mayor, while the other is close to the train station, in the mall called Vialia. We usually go to the one in the centre so that we can enjoy the nightlife and the nice view the Plaza offers, but when we prefer to have a calm and quiet meal, we choose the bar in Vialia.


  1. Calle Concejo, 3, 37002 Salamanca
  2. Centro Comercial Vialia, Paseo de la Estación, 9, 37004, Salamanca

The place

Similarly to La Pulpería de Paco, the 100 Montaditos is also always packed with people and as such very loud and very lively. Usually there are more floors to provide enough tables and seats to the costumers. It has a very nice atmosphere and a design that has become the trademark of the bar.

The menu

To begin with, there are always 100 different types of sandwiches to choose from, starting from simple ham and olive oil filling through tuna and salmon to sausage, frankfurter and many other meat.

As an advantage, they think of the people following a healthier diet, so they have vegetarian sandwiches as well indicated with a green dot. Additionally, you can choose montaditos with grain bread. They also have a couple of sweet sandwiches with chocolate and cream inside.



My favourite montaditos are the following:

  • #14: Queso fresco, tomate y aceite de oliva virgen extra (cheese with tomato and extra virgin olive oil)
  • # 57: Chistorra, bacon ahumado y salsa brava (sausage with smoked bacon and salsa brava)
  • # 58: Chistorra, crema de queso y cebolla crujiente (sausage with cream cheese and fried onion)
  • # 87: 4 quesos: queso Ibérico, queso brie, queso de cabra y crema de queso (4 cheese)

Of course they try to bring new ideas and tastes once in awhile. For example, the menu has just changed a couple of weeks ago.

Besides the sandwiches, there are other types of tapas such as nachos, fried potatoes, fried potatoes with cheddar and bacon, onion rings, chicken popcorn, etc. Again, keeping in mind the healthy eating costumers, they also have salad. And finally, to drink, you can choose from juice, beer and tinto de verano (which is almost like sangría).

The prices

Compared to local prices, this is the best and cheapest place to fill our stomach. The montaditos cost between 1€ and 2€ each, and for every order chips comes for free. The tapas are 2€. You can get beer for 1-1, 5€, juice for 1, 7€ and tinto de verano for 1, 2€ to 1, 5€. However, if you want to save even more, go to 100 Montaditos on Wednesdays and Sundays and you will get everything from the menu for not more than 1€. It’s a bargain, isn’t it?


You can find more promotions on their website.

I think my love towards this place is shared with all Spaniards as it is considered the perfect place to grab some snacks and drinks before a crazy night out.

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