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Foster's Hollywood

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Foster's Hollywood

Published by Petra K. — 4 years ago

Although I have finished the “my favourite places to eat out in Salamanca” series, there is still one restaurant I wanted to write about. The reason why it did not made it to my list is that I have been there only one single time, which is not enough time to call it favourite. Also, it is not a typical Spanish tapas bar or restaurant, because what I am talking about here offers typical American food: hamburgers. So let me introduce you this place, the Foster’s Hollywood, which takes you far away from Spain when it comes to culinary delights.



Where can you find it in Salamanca?

The Foster’s Hollywood is located only a 2-minute walk from the heart of the city, the well-known Plaza Mayor. Although it seems to me to be a little bit hidden, they clearly don’t have to worry about the number of visitors. If you want to try the place out, here is the address: Calle Obispo Jarrín, 6, 37001, Salamanca. There is another restaurant in the commercial centre called Tormes, a little bit further away from the city centre. The address of this one is: Avenida Salamanca, 15, 37900, Salamanca.

About the place

The Foster’s Hollywood is a little island in the abundance of Spanish bars. Even if I haven’t been to the US, it really evokes the atmosphere of those places we can see in the movies over and over again. On the walls, the posters of the most famous Hollywood movies are hanging, and if there is any telltale sign of Spanish culture, that is the music, which sometimes reminds us of the fact that we are sitting in a restaurant in Spain and not in the United States. The reason why this is interesting is that if I don’t look it up on the internet, I would have been convinced that this was an American franchise, but it is not: it was founded in 1971 by Californians living in Spain who were yarning for authentic American food. The Foster’s Hollywood was among the firsts in Europe with an American theme.


The menu

Although the most popular dishes are probably the hamburger menus, the place also offers a great variety of stakes and other types of American food. Just to mention some among the starters for example, you can order onion rings, chicken pops, Bacon and cheese fries, Avokado fusion rolls, but the one that attracts my attention the most is the Hollywood combo, which includes chicken pops, cheese fingers and onion rings at the same time. When it comes to steaks, you can choose among four different ones: the Newyorker, Flank steak, Salisbury steak and sirloin steak. Regarding the hamburgers, they offer 12 different types and it is really difficult to choose, because they all look incredible delicious. All hamburger plates come with fried potatoes and salad. Talking about salad, they also have salads on their menu: California, Foster’s Caesar and Mediterranean. If this wouldn’t be already enough, you will find chicken, fish and normal sandwiches among their selection as well. For sure in this restaurant, everyone can find the food to its taste. And last but not least, Foster’s Hollywood have yummy desserts as well starting from Brownie to Oreo Cookies Sundae.


fboth the hamburger and the stake were delicious and came in a portion which was enough to appease our hunger]



The prices

Of course, these delicious meals come with hefty prices. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly, but for example all the hamburgers were around 10€. Most of the time, it is possible to ask for different sizes, and the prices change according to that, but I know that my medium Director’s choice Burger that had cheddar cheese, bacon, beef, salad, tomatoes and fried potatoes in it, cost me a little bit less than 10€, and the smaller or bigger sizes were +/- 1-2€. The most expensive ones are the Specialty and Gastro Burgers of course. What I can also remember is that the steak my boyfriend ordered was a little bit more expensive and that the drink we asked for was refillable.

If you get in the mood to try out the restaurant, Foster’s Hollywood can be found everywhere across Spain; in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Zaragoza – just to mention some from the long list.

If you need further information, visit their website.

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