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Irish Theatre

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The best Erasmus parties in Salamanca

Published by Taylor Hite — 2 years ago


Every Tuesday night, Irish Theatre hosts an Erasmus party, each week has a different country theme. They have Italian, Mexican, american, british, German, French, etc. parties. There's always a mix of Spanish and American music, and music from whichever country's party it is that night. There's a 5 € cover to get in, but that includes either 10 beers/sangrias or 2 mixed drinks. They have two different bars going, so you're never empty handed. People usually start to arrive around 12-12:30 p. m., and it closes at 3 a. m. That's when everyone heads to Salamanca's favorite discoteca- Kandhavia.

Other than Tuesdays, Irish is also know for its Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays they host a beer pong competition, and the place is always packed. It's 6 € per team to play, and with that you get beer while you're playing. The winners get 100 € and second and third places get t-shirts. Wednesdays are for karaoke. There's no cover and it's free to get up and sing whatever you want. There's always a crowd there to sing along with you and cheer you on. Karaoke nights are usually a bit more relaxed than the other nights, but sometimes you (definitely) need a relaxing night in Salamanca.

If you're not huge into the party scene, Irish is still a great place to just sit outside and enjoy a few drinks with friends. They have an extensive (cheap!) drink menu and the bartenders know what they're doing. It's definitely my favorite Erasmus bar- but don't worry, you'll always find plenty local students there as well.

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Cheap, but cheap

Published by Dangerous Redhead — 2 years ago

Every tuesday there is a Erasmus Party in the Irish Theatre. The point why I gave 2 stars and not only one is that you only have to pay 5€ for 10 Drinks. That could be 10 beers à 0,2l or 10 Sangrias à 0,2l. There is also the possibilty to get 2 Longdrinks (with quite a lot of alcohol). So drinking much for cheap money is really good here.

The problem is that the beer tastes really really awful. To be honest I have never found a pub in Spain where the beer is so awful like in the Irish Theatre. I don't know how this is possible, because at the Bar you can see they give you Mahou and normally Mahou is not really good but neither bad... I don't know.


Further, the music is always the same: Reggaeton. They try to bring people to their pub by saying "Next tuesday is the German Party/ Next tuesday is the Italian Party (there is a special party with a different theme every tuesday)" but in the end it's always the same music and, from 11 p. m. until 3 a. m. you have maybe heard 2-3 songs in total of the country there is a special party of. And for the first 2 hours they play always the same playlist! Ask me what song they play next tuesday at 11:56 p. m., I tell you!

But all in all, in the first weeks it was really cool drinking much for small money. Later as we noticed that it is always the same, we stopped going there. But I will never forget those first weeks.

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