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Cervecería La Sureña

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My favourite places to eat in Salamanca #5: Cervecería La Sureña

Published by Petra K. — 4 years ago

There are still a couple of places on “my favourite places to eat in Salamanca” list, and this time, I’m bringing a brief review on the restaurant chain called Cervecería La Sureña. The first time I visited it was on the south of Spain, during the first summer I spent here. It is that type of a place where you go to have beers with your friends, while grabbing some food and getting into the party mood.

Where can you find it in Salamanca?

Cervecería La Sureña is located in the central area, quite close to Plaza Mayor – just like most of the places I have described so far. The address is Calle Prior, 15, 37002, Salamanca.


About the place

The design, which is centred around the colour blue and white, gives me this Mediterranean feeling, as I would be sitting next to the sea in a hot summer night. But it might be only because my first impression is still with me… Another reason can be that they were actually aiming for creating such an environment as they the word sureña means from the South. The walls are decorated with old black and white pictures, which seems to me to be a recurring element of many restaurants in Salamanca. Honestly, I don’t mind it a bit, I really like all of them. Otherwise Cervecería La Sureña is nothing outstanding but a simple and cozy place to fill your stomach.

The menu

It has a great variety of food and drinks. You can find everything from raciones (portions), through small sandwiches to toasts that actually taste like pizza. Among raciones, croquetas de jamón and chicken strips are the most favored by visitors, but pulpo a la gallega, squids and cheese and ham plate are also offered on the menu. Furthermore, you can choose from a number of different sandwiches that are called sureños. Also, they have toasts that look and taste like pizza: 4 cheese, Mediterranean (tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomato and pesto), classic (huevos rotos, potatoes and ham pieces) ect. Finally they offer the usual tortilla de patatas and patatas bravas.



The prices

Most of the items on the menu have a low price, the only exception are the raciones, which cost 6€ each. Plates are 3€, sandwiches are 2, 5€, toast are 4€ (and they are huge) and salads are 4€ as well. Regarding the drinks, a glass of beer and a glass of tinto de verano both cost 2€, drink are 1, 8€, while juice is for 1, 7€. If you are going with a lot of your friends, I suggest you to buy a bucket of beers that cost 5€.

They also offer promotions. For example, on Thursdays, if you buy one racion, you get another one for free or a plate for free, while on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you get a racion of chicken strips with two glasses of beer or two glasses of drinks for not more than 5€.


Last night we had croquetas, potatoes with alioli, a Mediterranean toast, one sandwich and a Nestea for a little bit more than 15€.

Some extra information you need to know about the place that they organize birthdays and reunions. I think it’s a good location to meet your friends, especially when you are planning on to party afterwards.

Anything else you want to know can be found on their website (except prices).

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