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Translations blog of Beth in English

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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Student accommodation in Nottingham

    Today I received a message from a girl who is going to Nottingham on Erasmus next year, asking me about my residence. So this gave me the idea of writing a post about accommodation in Nottingham. The first thing to say is that I'm in Victoria Hall, a student hall with...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Nottingham 2 years ago
  • My advice for the following students

    As I've already done in all the other texts I've rendered for you, I will give the following students some advice because I believe it could be very useful to them. To finish, I will summarise the best advice I've put in my texts for the following students. Don't be...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Bordeaux 2 years ago
  • The imperial palace and the Tokyo Tower

    We planned to go and see the imperial palace on the third day. Again, it can be observed that Tokyo is a city full of never-ending gigantic parks. The imperial palace forms a part of it. We walked a great deal and we only saw a minuscule part of it in the end. There...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Tokyo 2 years ago
  • University: To study, to eat

    In order to redact the publication, I am going to write in French because it's easier for me. The University technological institute (lIUT), the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Management, the Sup de Co group (business school) et the EGSI (engineering school) are located...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog La Rochelle 2 years ago
  • Finnish Lapland: Challenge completed

    Travelling to Lapland isn't easy. First of all, this is because it's a far away destination and it's normally very cold; secondly, it's not cheap (if you want to travel from Spain); and thirdly, because you have to go with a good equipment of clothing (there, even the...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Oulu 2 years ago
  • Antibes

    Antibes is a small coastal city, (of which there are such an abundance of in the areas surrounding Nice) which is situated in between Nice and Cannes. The most affordable way of getting there from Nice is catching the bus from the bus station next to the Masséna (you...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Nice 2 years ago
  • Freshers week!!

    'And what the hell is this about Freshers' week? ' we all asked ourselves a few days ago when we were proclaimed freshers everywhere, as well as the upcoming events and parties. Well then, the Freshers are the newbies, the ones who just got to University. In an attempt...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Carlisle 2 years ago
  • More new things: Crumpets

    On one of our first days of exploring the culinary secrets of this country, Katherine and I encountered some very curious small buns which here, they call crumpets. What are they exactly? They are soft and spongy with many holes. They will measure about 7cm in diameter...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Carlisle 2 years ago
  • Art in Norway... Erotic in Spain?

    You may ask of what bullshit I'm talking about with this title. True? (otherwise, my attempt to shock failed). Well, I will tell you about Vigelandsparket or the Vigeland park, which is no more and no less than Oslo City's biggest park (patapeeeesh - or the sound of...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Oslo 2 years ago
  • Things you should know before living in England

    Well, after living here for a few months, I have decided to write a list of what you should know before you come, setting the example of Nottingham. Accommodation: You can choose from a residence or rented house. This is clear. Before choosing a residence, you should...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Nottingham 2 years ago
  • Versailles

    I have always like photography. It's one of my hobbies. When I decided on France as the destination to spend my Erasmus, I only saw in my head those beautiful picture cards (which we are all perfectly familiar with) of this beautiful country; twilights from the Seine, a...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Versailles 2 years ago
  • NYC: The city that Never Sleeps

    I went to New York city last year. I also missed Seville's famous April fair for this trip but it was worth it. I would do it again for many years more. New York is a city that you can't see in a week and if you want to enjoy it to the maximum, not even in ten days....

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog New York 2 years ago
  • Èze, a small 'medieval' village near to Nice

    Èze is a small village, around a twenty minute bus journey away to the east of Nice. To go, you have to get the same bus which takes you to Monaco (the 100), and as it's in France, you can use your transport pass and the trip won't cost you anything. The trip to the...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Nice 2 years ago
  • My problems with administration

    Administrative problems are also important and there are things you need to know. The bank: I don't want to advertise but BNP give you 30 euros just for opening an account. The problem with the banks here is that everything takes a long time, for security reasons, I...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Bordeaux 2 years ago
  • Going out in Innsbruck

    I have already told you many things about Innsbruck, but none of them ever being about the night life and it's not because there isn't any! Source For those who like a diversity of ambiances and music, I would tell them they have it... pretty complicated. The majority...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Innsbruck 2 years ago
  • Language exchange

    Ever since my first week in Valencia, I have seen language exchange events on Facebook. However as I was very busy with other things, I didn't have time to go until the end of October. There are many bars which organise language exchanges every week - we went to Seven...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Valencia 2 years ago
  • Qu'est-ce qu'il a dit?

    Today in an interpretation class (or oral translation as it is called here), I had a fantastic idea for an entry and as you already know, it is best to grasp up good ideas with all force and develop them. So here goes... When I arrived in France, I really missed having...

    0 by Beth, in Erasmus blog Nice 2 years ago

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