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My advice for the following students

As I've already done in all the other texts I've rendered for you, I will give the following students some advice because I believe it could be very useful to them.

To finish, I will summarise the best advice I've put in my texts for the following students.

  • Don't be afraid to leave your country. It will be a really good experience that will mature you.
  • Try to find a shared flat with people who don't speak your language so you will improve more rapidly and not have the temptation of speaking your mother tongue.
  • Purchase the annual CUB tram and bus pass. This will only cost you 20 euros a month (if you're there for 10 months of course).
  • Take a bike from Bordeaux's city hall because it's free.
  • Don't have parties at your house. Try to find other houses. This way, you won't have to tidy up afterwards.
  • Install Skype onto your computers. This is really useful for communicating with your family and friends.
  • Purchase an umbrella. I was lucky. After a 2 months stay in Bordeaux, it only rained a very small amount but that isn't the norm.
  • Attend French classes, especially at the beginning of your stay. Your French will improve much quicker.
  • Buy the cheapest things. This is useful for economising and after having tried, you can decide to continue with the cheap brands or to change from them. For example, I buy beans for 56 cents and they aren't good; therefore I buy beans for 1. 03 euros but if I liked the 56 cents beans, I've economised.
  • Do the important things quickly; such as getting a phone and opening a bank account because as I've said, it takes a long time.

And there you go! I believe that you will be able to survive in Bordeaux or anywhere else with my marvellous advice. Good luck!

My advice for the following students


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