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    Jardim zoologico de Lisboa and oceanarium

    During my traineeship period in Portugal, i had the chance to discover the splendid city Lisbon. The best way to discover all the amazing places around the city is walking which allows to meet new poeple, know more good unfogrettable restaurants and clubs, and do many...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Lisbon, 1 day ago
  • Blog

    Spending Christmas in Braga

    Braga is a city located in the north of Portugal characterised with a very rich historical patrimoine and amazing site views especially from the very popular cathedral Bom Jesus famous for it amazing gardens designed in very beautiful way. Most of the portuguese poeple...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Braga, 3 days ago
  • Blog

    Zaghouen a hidden city of natural water

    Zaghouen is a very popular city in Tunisia, located in the north of the country near Bir MCHERGA  railway station, this very beautiful city is a real tresor for poeple that does not know it because it contains the most pure and natural source of overflowing water...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Tunisia, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    incredible cruise in Mediterranean Sea

    In a very warm and sunny day, my friends and me decided to live an incredible adventure together by trying a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea in a tunisian city called Sousse where exist a special port called Al kantaoui. From the capital Tunis, we can reach...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus tips, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    Adventure in the Aqualand of Tunisia Hamamet

    Tunisia is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east and in the south it is covered by a large area of the Sahara desert. There are many amazing cities to visit in this wonderful country, my friends...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Tunisia, 7 days ago
  • Blog

    Hiking in tunisian wonderful city Rafraf

    My new adventure was very exciting and beautiful in one of the most wonderful cities in Tunisia called Rafraf in the north of the country exactly in the province of Bizerte. The weather was warm without rain and suitable for big adventures like hiking in the mountain of...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Tunisia, 7 days ago
  • Blog

    Plaza de España a wonderful place to be

    The Plaza de España is an emblematic place in center of Seville, a must see architectural masterpiece conserved until now with a very attractive view on the central part with amazing boats, fountains and horse carriage. The best way to get from Madrid or Barcelona to...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Sevilla, 9 days ago
  • Blog

    Discovery of Andalucia

    My journey in Seville was totally incredible, I met amazing friends in my road trip and we exchanged on many interesting subjects cultural and scientific, this allowed us to enrich our experiences together and live the most amazing and wonderful adventures. Once...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Sevilla, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    My amazing adventure in Seville

    My experience in Seville began when one day i decided to go for the big adventure, try a new amazing experience with only a back pack, some clothes and a heart full of passion and love for adrenaline.  In fact, my plan was to cross the borders between Portugal and...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Sevilla, 11 days ago
  • Blog

    Porto, beautiful and splendid city

    Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and is considered one of the major urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The city is located along the Douro River with the amazing bridge Dom Louis I crossing the river in the northern Portugal, Porto is...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Porto, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    Cost of living and traditions in Barcelona

    Barcelona is the capital and largest city of the community of Catalonia, the largest metropolises on the Mediterranean Sea, located on the coast between the rivers Llobregat and Besòs, it is the sixth most popular urban area in the European Union after Paris and...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 16 days ago
  • Blog

    My experience in Tibidabo Amusement Parc

    Tibidabo is the tallest mountain in all the Serra de collserola area giving a breath taking panoramic view of all Barcelona, with a very famous church called Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus standing on the top of the mountain. Basically there are two main ways...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 17 days ago
  • Blog

    Barcelona..the magical city of lights, music and monuments

    Barcelona..the city of the lights, music and where poeple never sleep.. During my journey, I took the flexibus for only 20 euro from Marseille to reach this amazing spanich city located on the northeast coast of the Iberian peninsula spread over approximately five...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 19 days ago
  • Blog

    Experience of travelling inside europe

    During my stay in portugal, i had one time a crazy idea about trying to travel to another country from Portugal for very low prices ; as having a student Visa, we have the right to discover any other city that belongs to another country as long as  it belongs to...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Marseille, 20 days ago
  • Blog

    Guimarães, a town of castles and Palaces

    My experience in Guimarães began when i discovered that this town located not very far from Braga has a historic centre listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001. This is mainly due to the very conserved castle which is The Palace of the Dukes of Braganza where...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Guimarães, 21 days ago
  • Experience

    Póvoa de Varzim a magical and beautiful city

    During my internship period in Porto, the weather was sunny especillay in july and warmer than cold winter days so i decided to visit a new city very popular for beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants in front of the sea with a spendid view on surfers, and wonderful...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus experiences Porto, 22 days ago
  • Experience

    Discovery of a hidden place: Gerês

    The national park of Peneda Geres is a gigantic nature reserve with a protected area for flora, fauna and geological special interest.The national park of Peneda Geres is a gigantic nature reserve with a protected area for flora, fauna and geological special...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus experiences Porto, 23 days ago
  • Blog

    Cost of living in Braga

    Braga is considered as the most cheap city in Portugal comparing to the capital Lisbon or to Porto.The most advantageous thing for students is renting a room near university, for Braga for example renting a room inside an apartment shared with other students cost me 210...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Braga, 24 days ago
  • Blog

    Visiting the beautiful city Aveiro

    During my internship period, I discovered that many cities in the north of Portugal could be visited from Braga which was my residence city using mainly the train as mean of transport and that the travel tickets were not expensive at all, especially to  Barcelos, Viana...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Aveiro, 25 days ago
  • Blog

    First time in Portuguese stadium

    Portugal is known to be a country where football is the number one sport in the category of collective sports. Many international players were actually originated from Portugal such as the famous player Cristinao Ronaldo, in my personal opinion I like especially the...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Portugal, 26 days ago
  • Blog

    Traditions, Food and music

    One of the most original and awesome tradition in Portugal is the gastronomy that I discovered by tasting different variety of food in many beautiful and great restaurants in Lisbon, Porto and Braga. 1- Cod fish The first plate that stood out in front of me and that...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Portugal, 27 days ago
  • Blog

    Discovery of Lisbon

    The capital Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal including the portuguese riviera and the metropolitan area, with its different and so unique neighborhoods that fascinates everyone with their rich history, architecture and original style, such as Alfama, Chelas,...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Lisbon, 28 days ago
  • Blog

    Arriving in Portugal

    My story began when i was accepted in an internship program in the most amazing and beautiful european country Portugal. Localised in the in southwestern Europe and borded by the north atlantic ocean, it includes other islands such as the Açores and Madeira. My...

    0 by Marwa in Erasmus blog Portugal, 28 days ago

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