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volunteering in Marseille what a human experience

Published by Marwa Ch — one month ago

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volunteering is the most noble and fabulous human act ever, it serves to help people in the situation of their need, it demands a lot of generosity, of open mind and cutural background, it allows the increase of fraternity, hospitality and good between people, i must confess that i always dreamed of working in an international human organisation to help poeple in their need whatever is their color, race or religion, in the final we are all born from the same mechanism and from one mother to this earth, we are the sons of earth and this is the most important to spread the equality, the good between poeple but also so that the stronger ones help the most weak and sick , and the most hungry and the poorest children in this earth. And the most amazing volunteering we can do is when we are aboard to complete an amazing mission to help poeple around the world and give them the opportunity to smile beside all the bad conditions they are passing through like war in Syria, or it can be chronic diseases that make children very tired and not playing like their friends or having enough energy, like the poeple in huge defect of one organ not enjoying their complete health and relaying always on other poeple to be feeded or to do all the minimal necessary things, we can not change the world for sure, but if each of us contibuted by a small help to these populations their situation would be so  much better:


In my personal experience, i had the chance to participate while i was in Marseille during one of my various trips world wide to meet a french friend very kind and sweet person, she offered me to accompany her to the humanity assoication meant for poeple from maghreb and built from the year 1995 to help children and poeple in need without proper shelter or homeless meaning  without a home to protect them from the very cold winter rainy and windy nights, they could even die from these conditions especiallly that in winter time, the weather can be really very much cold outside. I accepted with wide smile as i really wanted from the inside of my heart to try something like this in my own country, but i usually did not have the free time to do it, but now in Marseille i could really fulfill my work in great way even if it is for some hours; Arriving with my friend to the assiation i had to present myself and to say that i came just for volunteering purposes only and to help children in need. The work was devided into two parts, the first was  to help the homeless poeple by some food, some covers and some medications if they had cold or other potential diseases, some homeless poeple were recognised previously by their location and their habits so it was quite easy for us to define their location. in the second part; it was to accompany the children through psycological relaxation, through some food, some medical care and the most important doing a comedy for them making them forget the pain of the syringe they have to inject, the pain being alone and sick while they see all the ordinary poeple in families around so their huge empty place that we must surely fulfill with our affection and our love to do the good.


There are some programs that are dedicated to human help and to associations through the desert such as aiesec which is a currently opened opportunity to travel aboard for six months in any country poeple want to work there in terms of volunteering meaning they dont receive money for their works but rather sleep and eat in the inhabitants 's house and help him in farming for example to cultivate the fruits of the trees or to help little children in need, every good will is accepted through the program and many poeple could may be try it as a way to increase communication and good between poeple.

In my arrival inside the association i was welcomed much then work began, i went to communicate with some children that were suffering from  very bad diseases including cancer with the modifications that occurred in children both psycologically and clinically, i tried first to meet them in very kind way, introduce myself and i began to give them each one some food, some plays and recomforted them a lot. then we decided to play a collective game so we played chess, cards and many of the collective plays for the children that were still sustained in terms of health and did not do recently the  chemotherapy that day because otherwise they would not feel energy at all, with the plays they were feeling much better and happier of course.


Then, i went with a bunch of friends to give food and covers for the homeless people in the street, it was also very noble action that i liked to do and to participate in it and that will stay the most memorable thing i ever participated in may be in all my life time. The homeless poeple were even oldest poeple not finding a home, poeple broke without actual job because the illness and they choose the street to sleep in it and thats why we must arise awareness about these poor poeple and help them or protect them in special care home while providing to them human conditions to live properly even for free but at least they dont remain in the street anymore: we helped a lot of poeple and we went after to the party we would do for the children so they were really very smily very happy by our coming and we stated to show some comedy shows, some educational things like a little of mathematics or new language to learn some syllables and to feel this day as special day for them which was actually happening, and had the huge success of making them smile widely and forget even for some time the consequences of this wonderful journey that i hope i can repeat over and over again in the future, poeple  are not needing each other not acting each other, i would really recommand such an experience for everyone that wants to help poeple or change their situation for better options in life. That gave me the feeling of founding my association to help people in rural areas suffering from lack of water, of necessary things and that would like to be helped by some food or some covers, this could be an amazing perspective to review for the future years.


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