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  • Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

    Do you want to go and study Portuguese in Portugal but are scared of not being able to communicate? I have the solution, how would you feel about living in Lisbon for a bit? First of all, there are lots of cities in Portugal where you can speak a basic level of English...

    0 by George, in General 8 months ago
  • Pieces of advice for travelling to Copenhagen

    Hello everyone! Hello everyone! Today marks the day of my first blog post about the city of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital. It's a city close to my heart, before visiting it I had no idea about its rich cultural charm nor the amount of tourist attractions that it has to...

    0 by George, in Erasmus blog Copenhagen 8 months ago
  • Study an English course abroad and improve your CV

    Do you send out a lot of CV's without ever getting a reply? Studying an English course abroad is the most effective way to better your understanding of the language and find your dream job. Hundreds of millions of people across the globe speak English, having a strong...

    0 by George, in General 8 months ago
  • A guide to making some fresh and easy summer recipes during your Erasmus

    Enjoy the best summer recipes with this mouth-watering collection! Fresh food is always best to combat the heat. Knowing this, we have collated for you the easiest and most refreshing recipes to make this summer. Were you thinking of organising a dinner or do you want...

    0 by George, in Erasmus recipes 8 months ago
  • 5 key tips for a student to find a job

    As you will already well know, fitting into your timetable and finding time when there is precious little of it, makes finding a job as a student no walk in the park. However, thanks to these 5 tips I assure that you will find the best student job out there for you. We...

    0 by George, in Erasmus tips 8 months ago
  • What to see in Amsterdam in 3 days

    If you are thinking about taking a little trip around Europe, don't miss out on our guide explaining what to do in Amsterdam in 3 days. It will prove very useful in ensuring you don't miss out on all the incredible things this amazing city has to offer. You can do a...

    0 by George, in Erasmus blog Amsterdam 8 months ago
  • The best Spanish beaches to visit during your Erasmus according to our readers

    What better way to cope with the intense summer sun than to visit the best beaches that Spain has to offer? After having asked our followers, we want to share with you the 10 best beaches in Spain, in their opinion, so that you can enjoy the summer in the most beautiful...

    0 by George, in Erasmus tips 9 months ago
  • What to see in Warsaw in 3 days

    The summer has arrived and with it exciting plans to make: go to the seaside, the country or maybe visit a city which has risen from the ashes like a phoenix? Of course I am talking about Warsaw, Poland's capital city. After the freezing winter passes, its streets come...

    0 by George, in Erasmus blog Warsaw 9 months ago
  • The Covid vaccine for Erasmus students: Do you need it in order to travel?

    A new normality has dawned and with it comes important changes like the new covid vaccine. The start of a new Erasmus year is approaching and with it many concerns: is it compulsory to have received the vaccine before travelling? Is there time to get the vaccine before...

    0 by George, in Erasmus news 9 months ago
  • What's better: Online or face-to-face learning?

    As blended learning and online courses are taking place more and more, thus the debate about which is better, face-to-face or virtual learning, is becoming more and more the order of the day. Various educational authorities approve the use of this method from higher...

    0 by George, in Erasmus tips 9 months ago
  • Andalusian gastronomy and its vegan versions

    Hello again everyone! Welcome to my latest post in this blog which covers everything Spanish, I have already written about places to visit, recommendations, recipes; etc. On this occasion I am going to focus on Andalusian gastronomy. As I already wrote in my last post...

    0 by George, in Erasmus recipes 9 months ago
  • The great city of Liverpool

    Days pass and little by little I’m beginning to map out a picture of the city, although I must say that it’s so big that a lot of the time I don’t know where to begin. To start visiting places, the best course of action is to go to the information centre which is...

    0 by George, in Erasmus blog Liverpool 10 months ago
  • Rome 2021: The best Erasmus city

    And the prize for the best Erasmus city for 2021 goes to... Roma, the eternal city! Discover what its like to live your Erasmus in Rome, one of the most popular destinations in Europe. If you kept track of our stories on Instagram and you were sure Rome would win, you...

    0 by George, in Erasmus blog Rome 10 months ago

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