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Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

Do you want to go and study Portuguese in Portugal but are scared of not being able to communicate? I have the solution, how would you feel about living in Lisbon for a bit?

First of all, there are lots of cities in Portugal where you can speak a basic level of English with people. Having said that, speaking Portuguese, even if that means only a few phrases, will allow you to really connect with the country and its people. Also, you will realise that there are lots of similarities between Portuguese and Spanish.

Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

Lisbon is a city which conquers the hearts of all its visitors just like its incredibly musical language. If you're still not sure why to study Portuguese in Lisbon, I assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience, you will fall in love with the city! Truly, there are loads of students who move to Portugal on Erasmus and after a few years, have opened numerous start-up and multinational businesses in the land of the Lusophones.

Coming up are some Portuguese phrases which will serve you well in helping you integrate with the country, body and soul!

What to say when you arrive at the hotel

  • "Têm um quarto livre?": Do you have a room available?
  • "Eu tenho uma reserva em nome de... ": I have a reservation under the name of...
  • "Aceitam cartões de crédito?": Do you take credit cards?
  • "A que horas é o pequeno-almoço?": What time is breakfast served?
  • "Gostaria de dar uma vista de olhos, por favor": I would like to take a look please.

Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

What do you need to know at lunchtime?

The time has arrived to taste the Portuguese cuisine, a very important part of the country's culture and important for your trip to Portugal. Here are some useful phrases:

  • "Onde fica o restaurante mais próximo?": Where is the closest restaurant?
  • "O que são pataniscas de bacalhau?": What are cod fritters?
  • "Tem pratos sem glúten?": Do you serve any non-gluten dishes?
  • "Há pratos vegetarianos?": Do you serve any vegetarian dishes?

Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

Had you planned to do a spot of tourism?

As a tourist, you will have a long list of places to see, attractions of which you have heard of and things you would like to do in Portugal. Here are some useful phrases to be able to get to the most important places on your list:

  • "Como é que posso ir até ao centro da cidade?": How can I get to the city centre?
  • "Onde fica a Torre de Belém?": Where is the Torre de Belém (Belém Tower)?
  • "Qual é o museu mais importante da cidade?": Which is the city's most important museum?
  • "A que horas fecham as lojas?": What time do the shops close?
  • "Quanto custa o bilhete para...?": How much does the ticket to... cost?

Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

How can you make friends?

And then in a bar, you meet someone with whom you want to talk to. Don't let panic set in if you don't exactly know how to break the ice, you can always start with one of these Portuguese phrases. If you want to start with something informal, you can use the "tu" form of a verb but for a more formal conversation, use "você".

  • "Olá, acabei de chegar a Lisboa. Tu és daqui?": Hello, I have recently arrived in Lisbon. Are you from here?
  • "Chamo-me Ana. Como te chamas?": My name is Ana. What's your name?
  • "Eu não falo bem português, podias ensinar-me?": I don't speak very good Portuguese. Could you help me?
  • "Gostavas de ir beber uma cerveja comigo?": Would you like to drink a beer together?
  • "Foi um prazer conhecer-te. ": It was a pleasure meeting you.

Lisbon, the best city to study Portuguese

Do you like how the language sounds? This is only a glimpse of what you will find when you travel to Portugal. If you would like to learn more about cultures and languages, you can always spend a few weeks in Lisbon to study Portuguese. Look now for accommodation in Lisbon and don't be left empty handed, the best experience of your life awaits you!

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