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Erasmus blog Liverpool

  • Liverpool

    Although it's not a big city, and in my opinion isn't as pretty as Dublin, it's where the Beatles were formed. If you walk around this city, you'll find lots of different memorabilia of the Beatles, like museums, statues and also merchandise in gift shops. As I arrived...

    0 by Holly, 11 months ago
  • My third day in Liverpool

    On our last day in Liverpool, we decided to spend some time in the parks of the city and visit its most famous religious landmarks. That is why we woke up early in the morning again, so we can start our day early and have enough time to visit all of the places on our...

    0 by Alexandrina, one year ago
  • My second day in Liverpool

    Me and my boyfriend started our second day in Liverpool around 10 a.m. in the morning and went to the city centre, so we could explore the rest of the museums in Liverpool. However, first, we went to the shopping centre Liverpool ONE and then went searching for the...

    0 by Alexandrina, one year ago
  • My first day in Liverpool

    I wanted to visit my aunt in Liverpool for quite a while, thus when I got the chance to get some free time I planned a trip there with my boyfriend.  After a while, we bought the tickets to Liverpool and started packing our luggage. Honestly, I did not know a lot about...

    0 by Alexandrina, one year ago
  • Liverpool: from less to more.

    Liverpool: from less to more Hello everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about one of the trips I did during my stay in Aberystwyth. Unknowingly, I had to meet and collect Ángel at Liverpool airport because he came to visit me. We had low expectations, but it ended up...

    0 by Emma, one year ago
  • All Things Food!

    Places to eat in Liverpool Liverpool has some of the best places to eat, all offering a wide variety of food for its customers. I have compiled a list of some of the best eateries that Liverpool has to offer. Liverpool One food hall – At the top of Liverpool One is...

    0 by Faye, 2 years ago
  • Places To Visit In Liverpool

    Best Places to visit in Liverpool After living in Liverpool for three years now, I have come to find some of the best places to eat and drink in Liverpool, whilst also being able to provide some of the best sights to see. Liverpool has a rich history that I think...

    0 by Faye, 2 years ago
  • My Home Away From Home

    Liverpool Studying in Liverpool and living there for the past three years has quickly meant that the city has become my new home away from home. Liverpool is a beautiful city that has so many things on offer for those who choose to visit. Upon arriving there back in...

    0 by Faye, 2 years ago
  • Liverpool in a snapshot

    Before moving to Liverpool for university I had never visited it (or anywhere north of Nottingham), and bar knowing that it is Steven Gerrard's hometown, I knew practically nothing about it and really had no idea what to expect. From the moment I arrived, I slowly began...

    0 by Hannah, 3 years ago

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